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Are you looking for a solution to implement automated SMS sending directly into your Pipedrive CRM? Our SMS solution integrates perfectly into Pipedrive and will allow you to integrate texting into your sales scenarios with maximum compatibility.

The principle? Use the synchronization of Pipedrive activities with Google Calendar and configure the Google Calendar SMS module that automates the sending of SMS messages linked to the events created. Thus, as soon as an appointment is created in the sales pipeline, the process of sending SMS messages takes place automatically without any further action on the part of the salesperson. Thus, your sales team has an efficient and turnkey way to send SMS reminders of appointments, meeting reminders and other notifications to customers related to Pipedrive activities.

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The advantages of using the SMS Pipedrive...
95%A reading rate of 95%
For maximum deliverability

SMS is an ideal channel for successful customer relations. By broadcasting your information directly to your contact,on their mobile phone, you can be sure that your message is read within 4 minutes of receiving it! What other means of communication can do the same?

Optimization of time and pro schedules Time optimization
and planning of your teams

People appreciate useful and personalised SMS messages such as reminders of appointments, meetings or demonstrations. At the same time, your sales teams optimise the management of their planning and activities and limit absenteeism and defection. A win-win service!

Personal Data protection Security and protection
Improved customer data

smsmode is committed to the protection and security of personal data in accordance with its GDPR and CNIL commitments. We guarantee the confidentiality of your data passing through our services as well as the non-use of our contact files by third parties.

Improve your Pipedrive experience with sending SMS

By connecting our application and SMS sending service directly into your favorite CRM, improve your sales process by sending an automatic reminder SMS to your customers, leads and prospects.

The business appointment reminder via an SMS Pipedrive

  • Boost your sales process.
    Add text messaging to Pipedrive and benefit from the advantages of mobile campaigns to send instant notifications for your appointment reminders. Combine the benefits of real-time, personal mobile communication with the power of your CRM tool.
  • Automate CRM workflows.
    By automating the sending of SMS messages from Pipedrive, your marketing and sales teams have access to an automatically-configured appointment reminder workflow. No manual action is required to synchronize Pipedrive activities, format Google Calendar events and send this short mobile message. This solution saves considerable time!
  • Reduce operational costs.
    Integrating synchronised SMS into your pipeline reduces phone calls and optimises your sales people's schedules by reducing missed business appointments. In addition, the cost of texting is very low compared to the savings it generates and the customer service it provides.

Tutorial SMS Module Google Calendar

All the steps to integrate Pipedrive SMS sending with Google Calendar

Once the link between Pipedrive and Google Calendar has been established, find in our free downloadable documentation all the steps to add the automated appointment reminder functionality.


The advanced features included in our SMS Pipedrive solution

Our SMS Google Calendar module is the ideal solution you need to interconnect Pipedrive with a short message delivery service. This efficient SMS sending automation solution allows you to:

  • One-click configuration of the connector between Pipedrive, Google Calendar and our SMS routing platform. A complete documentation guides you step by step through the easy and intuitive one-click setup of the required links and permissions between your CRM tool and our mobile message routing web service.
  • Automatic insertion of contact information from Pipedrive into Google Calendar and then into the SMS sending settings, for a seamless and automatic transfer of information between your CRM and our SMS sending service.
  • Personalization of messages with the creation of a fully personalized text template that can contain the date and time of the appointment/event and the personalization of the sender in the header.
  • Precise planning of the sending time before the appointment time (between 1 hour and 48 hours before the event).
  • Comprehensive statistics and analytical data on the deliverability of your mobile messages (delivered, failed and temporary error messages) available from the dashboard in your sMsmode customer area, to guarantee the correct delivery of text messages sent to your contacts.

Learn more about setting up the SMS Google Calendar module

Services to integrate SMS sending into the Pipedrive CRM

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Contacting platform for sending SMS loyalty

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Contact us now to set up our SMS Pipedrive module – Google calendar. Our account managers are at your disposal to answer all your questions about the use of SMS sending and to help you implement our solution in your Pipedrive CRM.