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Simplify HR planning with SMS

What is Skello’s primary mission? To help HR teams manage their day-to-day work with digital tools. Sending text messages became essential to facilitate exchanges between managers and employees.

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A fast-growing French scale-up and member of the FT120, Skello is a SaaS HR management solution.
They support companies with complex schedules (catering, hotels, retail, healthcare, convenience stores, hospitals, etc.) in their personnel management and HR administrative procedures (generation of contracts, transmission of variable payroll elements, validation, etc.).



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- notification SMS
- absence alerts
- authentication

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direct and life communication

SMS, an effective tool for HR team communication

Since its creation in 2016, Skello has integrated the SMS channel into its service to provide its customers with information directly. It is implemented in all countries where the solution operates: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, etc.

Sent to their customers’ employees, these SMS notifications make it possible to:

  • send weekly schedules to each member of staff with a button click,
  • facilitate real-time absence management, with a message sent to the manager in case of an employee’s being late,
  • transmit (initially or when reset) the unique, , confidential and personal OTP code to the Skello mobile application and badge reader. 

Digitizing HR exchanges makes life easier for employees and managers alike, by simplifying the repetitive and time-consuming tasks of managing and optimizing complex schedules.

SMS for the customer experience SMS for the customer experience SMS para la experiencia del cliente SMS für das Kundenerlebnis SMS per l'esperienza del cliente

reinvent and simplify schedule management

Instant message between employee and manager

The digitalization of SMS communications also has the great advantage of contributing to the widespread availability of information: for example, having received his or her schedule directly by SMS — whether or not in addition to the mobile app — the employee will always have it with him or her, at hand, even if he or she is mobile or on the move!

But above all, the challenge of SMS communication lies in its immediacy and responsiveness.

Time is of the essence in many sectors. SMS notifications meet this time objective, enabling real-time communications.

For all the sectors in which Skello offers its service (catering in particular),reactivity and proactivity are the key values. This real-time communication also boasts a very high deliverability rate: a real asset in facilitating the manager’s work.

In the range of channels available, SMS proved to be the most relevant for the same reasons, particularly comparing to push notifications, which were considered but not retained due to the problems of deactivation and therefore much lower deliverability.

meeting growth challenges

A technical architecture at the service of product innovation

On the technical side, the Skello stack developed by the in-house tech team comprises, on the front end, a mobile app and a tablet app, and, on the back end a connected application with various microservices. One of these micro-services is dedicated to communications SMS, email and push notifications.

Equipped with 2 input queues (priority messages and non-priority messages), this architecture was designed to meet the needs for functionalities specific to mobile messaging, prioritization of channels and different message types, failover management (on the channel and service provider sides) and... scalability of the hyper-growth platform.

The use of SMS is simple enough in itself. Using an SMS API meets all the needs and challenges of an organization like ours

While Skello doesn’t currently provide feedback on MOs (SMS responses) or DLRs, these features would nonetheless enable actions to be triggered directly on their platform, adding, for example, more conversational features (exchange via mobile messaging between an employee and his manager, etc.).

An innovation that directly echoes the tech & product challenges of the tech team, who are developing the Skello platform towards more and more intelligence based on the digitization and HR processes automation... and on data.