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SMS reception is intended to encourage your customers, patients or employees to respond to your SMS messages; It helps to generate interactions between you and your interlocutors by creating a "conversation" system.

Whether for professional, playful, logistical or informative use, SMS reception improves the level of service and allows you to enjoy the excellent performance of the SMS. It also allows you to create a bi-directional communication (Sending SMS & SMS Reception) and a direct dialogue between the customers and your structure, inviting your contact base to participate.


SMS replies received in real timeReceiving SMS Responses
is done in real time!

Our various SMS Reception services provide you with real- time, 24/7 and 24/7 replies sent by your customers. We also provide you with the functionality ofexporting SMS replies to an Excel file with just one click!

Sending SMS replies without survoûtSending SMS response by your
Recipient is no extra cost!

For the recipients who reply, the cost of the SMS answer is the price of a conventional SMS, without any surcharge. You offer the possibility of an open exchange in order to create a strong and personalized link with each of the recipients of your messages.

Viewing SMS ReceptionView all responses Received
On your customer space!

The received SMS is saved and is viewable directly in your customer space. Indeed, our self-service platform has a inbox of SMS replies where all the incoming replies you have received are archived.

SMS Reception: An efficient and interactive communication tool for multiple applications!

Ideal tool to create a direct dialogue with your interlocutors, the reception SMS remains a channel of communication which offers multiple possibilities of interaction with its contacts and which finds many applications:

Messages with SMS response

  • a customer service available via SMS: by offering the possibility for your customers to respond to your SMS communications and/or to send you their question, request info, etc. directly via their mobile and a text message, you create a regular link with your Interlocutors and strengthen their satisfaction and customer relationship: receipt of requests for SAV, complaints following the follow-up of reservations, notices and reviews of a product, acknowledgement of receipt of purchases or orders sent by SMS, etc.
  • the request for confirmation of appointment: in the reminder message sent, for example, the day before that date, ask the recipient to confirm his presence by answering "yes" to this SMS. You will automatically receive confirmation and acceptance of appointments in order to optimize your schedules.
  • The realization of games, quizzes, votes, satisfaction surveys: Ask a question to your interlocutors directly on their phone and ask them to answer you directly by SMS! The answers can be complete texts (for example: Name, first name, email and all the information you deem important) or more simply a keyword (eg: game).
  • the collection of customer data and the acquisition of contacts: by proposing a service of registration by SMS to its customers via a number in reception, you can collect the customer data necessary to communicate then with them and thus enrich your Address Book. Ideal for creating a mailing list for promotional offers, an information service (e.g. for transport networks), a loyalty program, etc.
  • A reservation request, a confirmation of delivery, a confirmation of the reading of the information sent by SMS, the organisation of a meeting, etc.; The list of applications is (almost) infinite!
Receive SMS with smsmode© solutions

In order to set up bi-directional communications, the services offered by smsmode© are at your disposal to enable you to manage the reception of SMS in a sharp way:

  • the SMS Answer: free option and no extra cost included in the SMS offer, the recipients of your SMS messages have the possibility to respond to your communications. Only imperative: Do not mention a custom sender in your SMS campaign or clearly mention the short number to send the answer! Then, with the implementation of a simple URL notification, you can activate the updating of the acknowledgments to display and be alerted when receiving a reply.
  • the HTTP API: with the HTTP API, you can integrate SMS response functionality directly into your external application (CRM, e-commerce site, database, mobile application, etc.). The processing of the answers will be integrated into your application and can be directly linked to the data of your external application.
  • The SMS Reception service: The rental of a number in reception (via a SIM card or via a virtual Mobile number – NVM) allows you to collect and manage all the received SMS PUSH messages. You collect among other things via this text-receiving device, the person's mobile phone number or the registration date. It also allows you to set up advanced and custom scenarios based on keywords and automatic replies when a new SMS is received.

SMS Advertising Services


ASF's reporting reception

The ASF Group (motorways of the south of France) uses SMS reception to give motorists the opportunity to report a problem concerning the maintenance of its motorway areas. The managers of the maintenance team can directly and without intermediary, to consult the user messages received: This method has been widely approved because it provides immediate responsiveness, maximum compatibility whatever The network used, and a considerable time saving.


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