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SMS reception: Keep in touch with your customers

SMS reception is designed to encourage your customers, patients or employees to respond to your SMS messages; it helps generate interaction between you and your contacts by creating a "conversation" system. Establish two-way communication (SMS sending & SMS receiving) and a direct dialogue between customers and your organization.


Invite your contacts to participate

Whether for business, entertainment, logistics or information, SMS reception improves service levels and lets you benefit from the excellent performance of SMS.

Receive answers Real-time SMS

Our SMS reception services provide you with real-time, 24/7 access to responses sent by your customers. You can also export SMS responses to an excel file with a single click.

Send SMS reply at no extra cost

There's no surcharge for recipients who reply. The cost of an SMS reply is the same as for a standard SMS. Offer the possibility of an open exchange and create a strong, personalized link with the recipients of your messages.

All answers received in your customer area

SMS messages received are logged and can be consulted directly in your customer area. Our self-service platform features an SMS reply inbox, where all your incoming replies are archived.


An effective, interactive communication tool for multiple applications

Establish a direct dialogue with your contacts thanks to SMS reception. A communication channel offering multiple possibilities for interaction with your contacts.

Customer service available via SMS

Create a regular link with your contacts and increase their satisfaction by offering them the possibility of replying to your SMS communications and sending you their questions or requests for information directly via their mobile.

Receipt of after-sales service requests, exchanges, reservation tracking, product opinions and reviews, confirmation that information sent by SMS has been read, acknowledgement of purchases or orders sent by SMS, and so on. The list of applications is (almost) endless!

Appointment confirmation request

In the appointment reminder message, ask the recipient to confirm his or her presence by replying "YES" to the SMS. You can also insert a link to reschedule. You'll automatically receive appointment confirmations and acceptances, enabling you to optimize your schedules.

Games, quizzes, voting or satisfaction surveys

Send a question to your contacts on their phone and ask them to answer you directly by SMS: answers can be full texts, a form (e.g. last name, first name, email and all the information you consider important) or simply a keyword (e.g. GAME).

Customer data collection and contact acquisition

You can collect customer data by offering an SMS registration service via an inbound number. You'll be able to build up your address book and then communicate with them. An inbound SMS subscription service is ideal for creating a mailing list. Whether it's for promotional offers, an information service (for transport networks, for example), a loyalty program, etc., an SMS inbound subscription service is ideal for creating a mailing list.


Virtual Mobile Number & SMS Reception

Integrate two-way SMS communication into your customer relations. 

Receive SMS messages with the solution smsmode©

In order to set up two-way communications, our services are at your disposal to help you manage SMS reception in the best possible way.

SMS response SMS response

Free, no-charge option for SMS replies. Activate acknowledgement of receipt to be alerted when a reply is received.

SMS HTTPs API powerful

Integrate SMS response functionality into your external application (CRM, e-commerce site, database, mobile application). 

Number rental in reception

Collect and manage all incoming SMS messages. Set up personalized scenarios based on keywords and automatic responses to incoming SMS messages. 


Receiving alerts

by ASF

The group (Autoroutes du Sud de la France) uses SMS reception to give motorists the opportunity to report a problem at its freeway service areas. Maintenance team managers can consult messages received directly and without intermediaries: this method provides immediate responsiveness and considerable time savings, from a channel with maximum compatibility.

SMS notification

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