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SMS Answer Option: Interact with your customers via SMS
  • Real Time management of responses received
  • storage on your user account of all replies received
  • retrieving responses from the graphical interface or URL notification
  • without any additional cost, neither for the user nor for the customer



Receive answers from your customers

The SMS answer option allows recipients of your campaigns to respond directly to the received SMS via the short number used in the header. This way you can interact with your customers by texting freely and fully automatically.


No extra cost

The SMS answer option is no extra cost to you (cost of sending a SMS). It is also free of charge for the recipient (cost of sending a non-surcharged SMS, according to package and operator conditions).


Storage and export possible

Replies received are stored and viewable online from your customer account for ease of management. that can be exported from the client space through an Excel or CSV file, replies received can also be redirected to your servers through a URL notification for automated processing.

• Option available only for the SMS Pro.
do not use a custom transmitter.
• Service available only for metropolitan France.

How do I manage SMS responses on your customer space?


The whole of the received SMS replies are consulted on your client space from the "replies" submenu in the "Messaging" section (1).


The export of replies (in the form of a CSV file) is done by clicking on the button at the top left "Export" (3).

A popup appears in which you fill in the start and end dates (4). You must also select as "replies received" filter to obtain an export of the replies exclusively.

SMS response

Exporting SMS Replies

Detail of an SMS response


By clicking the name of the answer SMS (2) (previous screen), you access the detail of the answer (5) including:

  • A reference to the SMS answer,
  • The content of the response text received,
  • The telephone number of the answer issuer,
  • The original SMS reference,
  • The date and time of receipt,
  • Etc.


If you want to receive URL notifications when receiving an SMS response to your customer account, you can set the URL of your choice in the "receiving SMS (MO)" (7) field in the "Settings" section and the Sub-part "Developers" (6).

A query will then be sent automatically to this URL.

Notification URL Reception reply SMS