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Reduces time of the electronic signature

Oodrive Sign provides electronic signature solutions that guarantee full legal validity and evidential weight. It capitalises on the strength of SMS authentication to enhance, simplify, and expedite the transition of agreement and approval processes into digital workflows. A wealth of experience and innovative use of SMS OTP...

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Oodrive is the European leader in sensitive data management for businesses. More than a million people use their software suite, which includes “Oodrive Sign”, which enables the automation of business processes involving electronic signatures with legal value.


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sign electronic documents swiftly in record time

Workflow acceleration as a priority

Notification to the signatory(ies) of the contract when a document needs to be signed. Identification and consent process of the signatories. Alert message when a document is countersigned by all parties.

For Oodrive Sign, all the key moments in the dematerialised signature process are associated with a scenario triggering the sending and/or receiving of an automated SMS messages via API requests implemented in their secure SaaS environment.

We have recently introduced SMS to push the contract to the signatory in addition to email to notify them more quickly that a document is available to sign.

The objective. To make remote approvals as smooth and time-efficient as possible, and to support the diversity of uses, particularly that of mobility.
Undeniable advantages for the dematerialization and digitization of business processes.

notification of a document to be signed by SMS notification of a document to be signed by SMS notificación de un documento que debe ser firmado por SMS Benachrichtigung über ein zu unterzeichnendes Dokument per SMS notifica di un documento da firmare via SMS

SMS makes identity verification 100% mobile

The power of dematerialised identification with SMS

Simple signature, advanced signature, qualified signature. The degree of identity verification of the signatory and the guarantee of the document differs between these different levels of security of an electronic signature.

A One Time Password sent by SMS is generated for ONE signatory and for ONE contract. The signatory must re-enter this code on the contract. It is this precise action that is the legal basis for consent in the case of a remote signature.

SMS 2FA — two-factor authentication — is a key component of remote signature authentication and is a necessary element of proof to elevate a “simple” signature to an “advanced” one.
Commonly used in the sector and particularly well accepted by users, this unique and temporary code ensures the second authentication factor of the signatory (after the email which integrates a secure link to the document to be signed), reinforces the legal proof file and links the person to the act.

Another application of double authentication by SMS implemented by Oodrive Sign is the “dialog signature”. This solution opens the door to a 100% mobile signature. For the signatory, there is no need to enter the OTP code received in the contract displayed on his web browser (which he will probably have forgotten in the meantime); everything takes place on the SMS message service. They simply reply to the SMS received by re-entering the code... and the signature is instantly approved on the Oodrive Sign application. An innovative and fluid technology that sweeps away the friction points of a classic One Time Password!

SMS ensures evidential value

The legal aspect of digital identification

In the context of the dematerialisation of documents, the SMS 2FA is a main asset to univocally guarantee the identification of the signatory and the integrity of the signed document. This method of remote digital identification is part of a strict legal framework defined by the European eIDAS regulation.
SMS is considered by these organisations as a secure and highly reliable authentication method.

The highly secure unique digital identity on which SMS 2FA is based is associated with the SIM card and the obligation of telecom operators to verify the identity of the subscriber.

This legal and evidential value of SMS cannot be provided by other mobile messaging channels (RCS, WhatsApp or Messenger), due to the absence of a verified identity associated with the opening of an account.

The future of the electronic signature lies in the progression of qualified digital signature modes to further limit the risks of identity theft. Always associated with a One Time Password received by SMS, they include a more advanced verification of the identity document — on photo, by video, by face scan to identify a signatory — or even signing face to face remotely thanks to augmented reality! Innovations on which Oodrive plays a pioneering role...