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RCS Panda Tea Camapgne

The interaction potential is certainly the main asset of the RCS - Rich Communication Service -, the successor of the SMS.
It is this promise that seduced the committed brand of teas & wellness infusions Panda Tea, and that convinced it to deploy its first RCS campaign in collaboration with smsmode©.

  • 18,495 MESSAGES SENT

a drive-to-web campaign

As a strong supporter of mobile marketing, Panda Tea regularly carries out advertising campaigns during the marketing highlights of the year such as sales, Black Friday, Christmas, etc.

Use the RCS as a weapon for advertising purposes

Panda Tea wanted to launch an RCS campaign in partnership with smsmode©. The objective was to explore the possibilities of this new channel and to bring a new dynamic to the brand's mobile communication.

The campaign focused on highlighting end-of-year products (teas, gift sets, herbal teas, etc.) in the form of buttons and a carousel (image and product description associated with a link).

Study Case RCS Panda Tea

Our main objective is to generate traffic to our website and the RCS is a promising channel that has allowed us to use images, buttons and carousels in our campaign, which SMS does not allow.
Alexandre Ali, co-founder of Panda Tea

outstanding performance

Benefit from the RCS's strike force

The campaign was sent to RCS-compatible mobile phone numbers from the large contact base used for SMS advertising campaigns. More than 18,000 Panda Tea customers benefited from a dynamic, simple and direct interaction through this new enriched mobile experience.

The statistics and link tracking features have made it possible to monitor and analyze the RCS results in real time. And the results are remarkable!
92.78% of the RCS were read, 75% of which were read within an hour of being sent, rivalling the already exceptional performance of SMS.
And the other performances are not to be outdone: with a click rate of 7.23%, a conversion rate of 16.26% - 3 times higher than the SMS campaigns usually carried out by the brand - and an unsubscription rate of 1.2%, the RCS proves its effectiveness.

The results of this campaign corroborate our forecasts: this new mobile messaging channel is clearly positioned as a "drive to Web" tool for e-commerce, which also has a direct impact on sales.
Fabien Andraud, head of sales smsmode©

Results of the RCS PandaTea campaign

RCS a marketing channel of the future

a marketing channel of the future

New opportunities

Panda Tea is one of the first French brands to set up a communication by RCS.
The first lessons for the use of this new technology in the e-commerce sector are emerging:

A very good conversion rate
Boosting and strengthening the brand image as well as the mobile strategy
A revolution in product promotion
Increased proximity to customers

A type of messaging that is still little known and not widely used
Mobile phone compatibility is still weak

The RCS is proving to be suitable for our business sector, e-commerce. This first campaign showed a direct impact on drive-to-web. We now want to launch an RCS campaign based on a conversational commerce scenario: it would be a perfect medium to introduce a new product or a new product range.
Alexandre Ali, co-founder of Panda Tea

smsmode© and the RCS

As the official partner of French operators for the deployment of RCS in France, and with more than 15 years of experience in mobile messaging, we help French and European brands to integrate A2P mobile messaging and its new possibilities into their strategy.
For this, we offer a range of mobile channels: SMS, TTS but also RCS, WhatsApp Business or Verified SMS, which opens up new omnichannel possibilities.

To learn more about RCS, contact one of our product managers to discuss.
We will be happy to show you the potential of this new channel, give you a demonstration, etc.

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