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Protect your your telephone phone

Mobile Masking enables the anonymization of personal telephone numbers. A single-use telephone number is then assigned to each party, enabling them to communicate securely by voice call, without disclosing their telephone details, to ensure the protection of personal data.


The benefits of Mobile Masking

Find out why you should implement the Numéro Masqué solution from smsmode©

Rapid API deployment

Integration is seamless with our API. A detailed documentation provides you with all references and resources, as well as the syntax for the Mobile Masking functionality.

Experts in mobile marketing solutions

smsmode© has developed mobile messaging (TEXT MESSAGERCS, WhatsApp Business, number, virtual mobile, etc.) to meet different business needs.

A single point of contact dedicated to your success

Your Account Manager will support you in setting up the offer, and will be your key contact throughout the collaboration to answer your questions and help you make the most of our services.

Mobile Masking features

Protect your employees' and customers' data with the masked number, by initiating instant exchange sessions based on the assignment of random, temporary mobile numbers.

Features included

any activity requiring a telephone exchange between 2 people (a driver and his passengers, a delivery driver or courier and his customers, two private individuals in contact via a matchmaking platform, etc.).

(1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, etc.) during which exchanges between the 2 participants remain possible from these anonymous numbers. 

for maximum communication flexibility

choose from thousands of mobile numbers available worldwide

which are then reallocated only to other conversations generated by your company

with comprehensive conversation statistics (date, time, call duration and status, cost, numbers used, etc.).

according to your needs for quality and safety reasons

mobile masking via our API compatible with various programming languages (PHP, Java, cURL, .NET, JSON, C#, XML, Python, RUBY, ASP, C++, etc.)



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