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Covid-19: Securing deliveries with SMS OTP

The health crisis requires an adaptation of the way companies operate. Delivery systems, for example, have had to be reinvented. Systematic practice of barrier gestures, respect for distances between people, today we present the OTP SMS a simple and efficient way to secure your deliveries.

OTP texting, quesaco?


OTP for One Time Password, the SMS OTP is a single-use code generated by the company for its customers to authenticate themselves. This code transmitted by SMS is used in various sectors, from banks to secure a purchase, to mobile applications when signing up for a service.

How can it guarantee deliveries?


Current circumstances have already led many companies that use delivery to opt for this solution. That whoever hasn't picked up his or her sacrosanct UberEats on his doorstep in the last 48 hours is throwing us the first stone!

Shortly before your delivery person arrives, you will receive a disposable SMS message. When the deliveryman arrives, all you have to do is give him the code. The absence of direct physical contact guarantees a safe receipt of the order.

Many delivery companies such as Fedex, Chronopost DHL or Amazon therefore no longer require delivery notes to be signed and use these codes to validate receipt.

How do we implement our solution?


SMS OTP is one of our most popular products. smsmode© en route tens of millions each month. Feel free to use our platform or implement our API directly within your interface. Our direct operator connections give you access to a high-priority dedicated channelThis is continuously monitored via monitoring tools. Our goal? To guarantee instant reception of your sendings.


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