SMS OTP (One Time Password) - The new utility for secure deliveries

August 3, 2022

The COVID19 crisis has required an adaptation of the operating modes of companies, in particular the systematic practice of barrier gestures and the generalization of teleworking. But there are also adaptations that have given rise to new practices that improve processes, such as the topic of the day: SMS OTP as a way to secure your deliveries.

SMS OTP secure delivery

What is SMS OTP?

OTP stands for One Time Password, the SMS OTP is a single-use code generated by the company for its customers to authenticate themselves. This code transmitted by SMS is used in various sectors, from banks to secure a purchase, to mobile applications when registering for a service.

The SMS channel is a particularly suitable solution for a 2FA implementation. Our "best practices" guide will guide you on how to implement a 2FA service.
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How does SMS OTP guarantee deliveries?

Many delivery companies have already opted for this product under the current circumstances. Shortly before your delivery person comes to drop off your package, you receive a one-time OTP SMS. When the driver arrives, all you have to do is give him the code that establishes a security link between you and him.

Many delivery companies such as Fedex, Chronopost DHL or Amazon do not necessarily have the delivery notice signed, but use these codes to validate receipt.

How to set up the SMS OTP?

SMS OTP is one of our most popular products. smsmode© sends tens of millions of them every month. Thanks to our webservice, you can implement our SMS OTP API within your applications/interfaces. Our direct operator connections allow you to benefit from a dedicated, high-priority channel that is constantly monitored via monitoring tools. Our goal? To guarantee instant reception of your messages.


Oodrive dematerializes the signature thanks to SMS OTP and improves the approval experience of more than 1500 customers


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