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The SMPP or Peer-to-peer Short Message is the protocol most often used by telecommunications companies and aggregators to connect directly to the telephone operators.

Why use the SMPP to connect to the smsmode© platform?

Our customers can use our SMPP service to send and receive mobile messages (SMS MT & SMS MO), as well as the delivery reports of these messages (DLR) to and from the SMS Gateway smsmode©.

For customers who already have a SMPP implementation within their architecture, this connection allows them to avoid re-implementing the sending of messages through the API that may be necessary as a result of updates to the latter.
For clients with no SMPP implementation, the implementation of this protocol can be quite complex, requiring low-level development.

How do I configure the SMPP connection?


Contact our team by phone at + 33 (0) 4 91 05 64 63 or by email at contact(at)smsmode. com. Your account manager will configure your custom SMPP access and send you your login to connect to the channel.


Direct use of Kannel

You can use version 1.4.3 or later of Kannel :

1. Download our kannel.conf configuration file

2. Edit the file kannel.conf and replace SMSMODE_USER and SMSMODE_PASSWORD with the IDs we have communicated to you by email.

3. for security reasons, the default configuration uses SSL (*. certificate) and only allows connections from localhost. To allow connections from a different machine, edit the required fields in kannel. conf. For example, for the IP address X. X:

Admin-Allow-IP = "; X.X.X. X "box-allow-IP ="; X.X.X. X "User-allow-IP ="; X.X.X. X "

4. Restart Kannel

5. To send a message, process the following query:

Using Kannel with Docker

For Docker users, smsmode© gives you a Kannel image with the pre-defined configuration to ensure the SMPP connection with the smsmode© server.
To use the SMPP service of smsmode© with Docker, just follow the following two steps:

1. To install and launch the Kannel image, run the following command by replacing SMSMODE_USER and SMSMODE_PASSWORD with the IDs we have sent to you by email.

Docker run-D--name Kannel-E ' SMSMODE_USER = complete-here '-e ' SMSMODE_PASSWORD = complete-here '-P 13018:13018 SMSMODE/Kannel

2. Then, to send a message, run the following command by filling in the desired number.

Curl-V "http://localhost:13018/cgi-bin/sendsms?&username=username&password=password&to=336XXXXXXXX&from=MySenderID&text=Hello%20World&smsc=smsmodeFranceTrans&dlr-mask=11"

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