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Discover SMS for the medical sector

Physician SMS is the use of SMS communication for the medical sector (GPs, nurses, dentists, midwives, speech therapists, orthodontists, osteopaths, etc.). Several applications are available for patient service: automated appointment reminders from the diary, SMS alerts sent during the course of treatment (reminding the patient to take medication, follow a treatment protocol, etc.) or confidential surveys.  


SMS performance for doctors

SMS is a communication channel that enables healthcare professionals to improve all stages of the patient relationship.  

read rate of SMS

You can be sure that your SMS confirmation messages will be read by your patients. It's this open rate that sets SMS apart from other communication channels such as e-mail, whether for information or marketing.

missed appointments

This is the result of sending SMS confirmations. With this appointment reminder solution, every company can improve its appointment scheduling. SMS appointment confirmations are an effective way to combat missed appointments (doctors experience 1 to 5 per week). 

of people satisfied with SMS notification

Users demand informative SMS messages. More than 4 out of 5 people want to receive useful and informative SMS messages, especially appointment reminders. More personal and remarkable than an e-mail, SMS enables a close, personalized relationship with each of your contacts.

An effective SMS solution for your medical practice

Sending SMS messages is undoubtedly the simplest solution for any medical practice. And this preventive approach is proving highly effective!
Patient absenteeism from medical appointments bothers 94% of doctors and healthcare professionals. Physician SMS goes further than just solving this problem, by not only reminding patients of an appointment or consultation, but also informing them of any delays or cancellations, or allowing them to cancel their appointment in the event of unforeseen circumstances or impossibility.

Advantages of sending medical SMS

A 4-point look at the benefits of SMS communication for doctors.

Simplified appointment by SMS

Send your patient a text message a few hours before the appointment. Specify the name of the practitioner, the date and time of the appointment and the number to call in case of cancellation. Appointment reminders improve your diary and optimize your schedule.

Medical secretarial work secretarial work

Sending SMS appointment reminder can be synchronized with your appointment scheduling software (many plugins smsmode© are available), for complete automation. The SMS is sent without any manipulation at the time(s) defined at installation (e.g. 48h or 72h before the consultation).

SMS confirmation request can be activated

You can ask your patient to confirm his or her attendance by sending an SMS response that can be consulted directly in your customer account. All last-minute changes and cancellations will be easier to manage. Consultation slots will be freed up automatically and can be reallocated.

Advanced applications for the healthcare sector

An SMS message is perfect for conveying precise, important information. Whether it's a patient protocol to be followed before a procedure or consultation (fasting, taking medication, etc.) or a treatment follow-up reminder (vaccination, taking medication or consultation at regular intervals), everything is available directly on your cell phone and in real time.


All the steps to integrate the appointment reminder by SMS from Google calendar

Our free documentation precisely describes all the steps involved in adding appointment reminders and SMS booking reminders to Google Calendar.

google calendar reminder

What tools to send SMS?

smsmode© offers several SMS solutions for appointment reminders and treatment protocol reminders.

Partner appointment management software

Integrate one of our SMS plugins to add reminders to your CRM, ERP or business application, or use partner appointment management software with whom we have established API connections to add SMS appointment confirmation functionality directly into their interface. These include:

SMS module
Google Calendar

Implement SMS text messaging in your calendar. This calendar solution combines Google Calendar with our SMS sending service, for simple, automatic SMS reminders of appointments. Our module is totally free and without obligation.) It's a complete solution for notifying appointments via a message on the customer's/patient's cell phone: management of message text, sender, programming of sending time, consultation of responses received or reception statistics, etc.

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