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The RCS arrives in France

Operators have launched their RCS drivers on messaging platforms such as smsmode©. There is talk of deploying the tool to brands in order to test it in real conditions. By September the product will be officially available in France. The Mobile Marketing Association is already planning its compatibility with more than 30,000,000 mobiles in France. We'll tell you more!


What is RCS?

The RCS for Rich Communication Services allows companies to send rich SMS 2.0. A wind of revolution is blowing on your communications! Carried by Google, new features "boost" the traditional SMS. Images, carousels, maps, videos, etc. are now exchanged between the brand and the consumer. The conversation window is in the company's colours with its contact information and a certified professional account.

The purpose of the RCS: to guide the consumer

The purpose of sending a SCR may be commercial (promotional offer, advertising, etc.) or informative (appointment confirmation, payment, reservation, etc.). During an RCS conversation, buttons appear with predefined answers: the consumer only has to choose between several answers for a conversational pattern to be triggered. The idea behind RCS is simple: save time, guide the customer through a whole new marketing experience, SMS 2.0.

An A2P* and P2A** tool

*A2P (application to person): A2P is used when the brand initiates a conversation with a consumer (here, via a messaging system).

**P2A (person to application): we speak of P2A when it is the consumer who initiates contact with a brand (here, to a messaging system).

An RCS message is always first initiated by the brand via a Single Message (also called by its acronym "SM"). After the SM, a 24-hour session is opened during which the exchanges flow: A2P SESSION.

If the consumer wishes to relaunch the brand, he can at any time return a message in the same conversation within 36 hours, leading to a P2A SESSION.

RCS messages are sent via the IP protocol (4G and wifi). If a customer cannot receive RCS, it is automatically transformed into a standard SMS.

Why RCS is an experiential marketing gem

RCS will revolutionize the customer experience. Here are the benefits of this messaging system:

  • The fluidity of exchanges The RCS : standing like a real chatbot, the RCS is a tool for immediacy, automatism and reactivity. Each consumer's choice leads to a response that can extend to infinity, making it a complete customer-care tool.
  • Various functionalities : images, carousels, buttons, calendar, payments, maps, etc. The only limit will be the creativity of the brand!
  • A more personalized contactA customer-care tool par excellence, the sending of a SCR can be automated by the brand according to various events related to its clients (birthdays, registration, personalized promotions, etc.).
  • A double conversion rate: the first ROI estimates have fallen and are more than satisfactory. SCR tests established by MACIF reveal tripled click rates compared to traditional SMS and doubled conversion rate.
  • Less pressure on support teams : the RCS is in addition to the support tools (chat, telephone, FAQ on site, etc.) allowing to lighten the physical teams for classic requests.