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medical appointment reminder by SMS

The medical appointment reminder by SMS is an effective, quick and easy to implement practice to reduce the percentage of missed appointments. Medical professionals resort to sending an SMS to their patients a few hours before the appointment, which guarantees them to reduce by 4 on average the missed medical appointments.

Many professionals in the health sector (doctors, hospitals, clinics, orthodontists, physiotherapists, dentists, etc.) are faced with a high rate of missed appointments: the use of the reminder medical appointment by SMS allows to optimize its On-line planning and avoid last minute disclaimers or medical appointment oversights. The sending of SMS associated with their solution/planning software is thus the winning solution of professionals in the health sector.

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Four times less medical appointments missedThis is the result found on the
Missed appointments following the sending of SMS!

Very much appreciated by patients, thesending of SMS reduces the number of missed appointments by 4 on average (particularly useful for teenagers or appointments made a long time in advance) and thusoptimises the practitioner'sschedule management.

SMS reading rate of 95%That's the rate of SMS
that are read!

SMS has a read rate of about 95% and many advantages over email or traditional telephone reminders. With SMS, you can be sure that your appointment reminder will be received and read in real time by the majority of your recipients!

85% of people plebiscite informative SMSIt is the number of people
Who are approving the informative SMS

Particularly popular with patients who consider it non-intrusive, useful and informative SMS messages, including appointment reminders, bring real satisfaction, added value and help strengthen the special relationship between your patient and your practice.

What features of the SMS to use?

Message Reminder Medical Appointment by SMS

  • A short and concise message: the 160-character limit obliges you to deliver your information (subject, date and time, name of the practice and/or doctor, time slot of the appointment, possibly the address and telephone number of the secretariat) in a minimum of words. Simple, short and concise are the key words for an effective appointment reminder.
  • Message personalisation: SMS offers you multiple message personalisation features (insertion of variables (name, first name, etc.), customisable sender, setting of sending date and time, etc.).
  • The option of confirming the appointment with an SMS reply: insert in your message "confirm your appointment by replying YES to 36034" and you'll receive direct online confirmation of the appointment from your customer. Clever!
What tools to send SMS?

smsmode© offers several SMS solutions for appointment reminders:

  • online appointment management software partners with whom we have established a partnership. These softwares integrate the "medical appointment reminder by SMS" option linked to their shared diary solution so that you can automatically send a medical appointment reminder SMS at the defined time(s) (for example 48h or 72h before the consultation). Thus, from the only online appointment management interface, you can simultaneously manage your appointments and SMS appointment reminders. Among these software, there are :

Sending SMS Doctor MobikapTherasoft, mental health Software: Therapy notes, clinical evaluations, treatment planner and appointment reminder

Sending Doctor SMS with OrtholeaderOrthalis

ActibaseGlobal Imaging

Sending SMS with OptimagSMS Optician Alert with Alpha vision

SMS Alert Optician OptimumSMS prooptic

SMS Optician mgss2iSoftware making appointment first time

Software solution for maintenance, appointments and after-sales service management

  • the "SMS Google Calendar" module, which enables you to add a medical appointment reminder functionality by sending automated SMS messages based on events noted in Google's online calendar. In this way, your Google Calendar will be synchronized with our SMS sending service, making it a true diary software solution for efficient online appointment scheduling. Once you've set up your Google Calendar with our sMsmode services, you'll have 20 SMS messages available for a free trial of this online scheduling and medical appointment reminder solution.

SMS Recalling Services medical appointment by SMS

Google Calendar SMS Module Documentation


All the steps to integrate SMS sending from Google calendar

Our free downloadable documentation describes exactly how to add the appointment reminder feature for healthcare professionals from Google Calendar.


Reminder of medical appointments by SMS with smsmode©

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