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Examples and case studies of using the SMS sending made by some of our 10 000 customers, start-up or international groups.

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Based on a powerful and intuitive search algorithm and a geolocation system, the AbracadaRoom platform is a search engine that selects unusual accommodation anywhere in France (Lov'Nid, igloos, tipis, Hobbit dens, etc.). It's a change from traditional holiday booking applications, it's French and it's an adventure!


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What type of SMS sent by Abracadaroom?

After booking, the platform sends all the information that the user needs for his or her stay: confirmation of the booking with the date and time, first and last name of the future guest, as well as his or her mobile contact details to be able to reach him or her and a direct link to the booking on the platform. In one SMS, the customer is reassured and ready for departure...



The links in the text messages, why is that useful?

The French appreciate SMS for its practicality and directness but did you know that it also allows to say much more? Abracadaroom has understood it well!
When receiving a confirmation SMS, users can directly click on an integrated link that guides them to the booking platform. Thus, the essential information is included in the SMS but if the user wants to go back to see the total of his reservation, Abracadabra! has access to it in 3 seconds and always has it with him. This usage is called Rich SMS!

Rich SMS documentation