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SMS at the heart of the fight against covid

February 2020, beginning of the health crisis: the State chooses SMS to help it raise awareness among more than 67 million French people. Allowing instantaneous and secure dissemination of information, it appears to be the ideal tool.

We explain how SMS has become central to the fight against COVID and why it is a powerful ally for those seeking safety and performance.

An unprecedented campaign signed by the Government

On November 20, 2020, as businesses reopen, the Ministry of Health decides to raise awareness of health risks. The French should be encouraged to download the #TousAntiCovid application. To do this, 67 million SMS are sent by telecom operators. In the body of the message, a URL link leads directly to the download of the application.

smsmode© : From our APIs but also via your customer area, it is possible toimport your excel files in order to create and send a campaign. Sending tomultiple recipients allows you to impact a large number of contacts from direct operator routes.

French med-tech on the bridge

Since 18 January, at-risk people over 75 years of age have been joining firefighters and carers over 50 years of age in the "vaccine race" (by appointment only). The French med-tech players are more than ever in demand and are demonstrating their effectiveness in the event of a crisis. Actors that we support, such as Doctolib, Maiia or KelDoc, have been selected as official partners of the State for online appointment booking and management of vaccination centres. Each one uses SMS as a key tool in their communication to confirm and remind patients of appointments.

smsmode© : Set up from our API, available in self-service, the automation of SMS sending is possible in a few clicks and allows a total report of the sending data.

Informing the public

Immediacy and reliability make SMS thepreferred communication tool in a crisis context. People who test positive for the virus (as well as contact cases) automatically receive an SMS to be informed of the result and the steps to be taken. The SMS makes it possible to manage the epidemic by minimizing contamination and, in fact, the risks associated with VIDOC.

smsmode© : At smsmode© we manage our SMS marketing, SMS notification and SMS OTP (One Time Password) traffic separately. Moreover, the distribution on different channels allows you tooptimize the deliverability of your critical messages .

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