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smsmode© white papers

They trust us

Examples and case studies of using the SMS sending made by some of our 10 000 customers, start-up or international groups.


Mobikap agenda has integrated our SMS sending service in its appointment scheduling software for professionals working on appointment. It offers an automatic appointment reminder function to patients or clients by personalized SMS. This SMS sending feature, which sends a fully automated confirmation of the dates and times of clients' appointments, is a solution that is greatly appreciated by patients.
Indeed, professionals in the health sector(doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, speech therapists, nurses, etc.), beauty, wellness, automotive or any other liberal profession, use the SMS appointment reminder integrated into the Mobikap software to reduce the number of missed appointments and thus optimize the filling rate of their structure. SMS is a very efficient media for appointment reminders since professionals using this solution save time and increase efficiency (up to 4 times less missed appointments).


Documentation of the Google Calendar module


For more information on Mobikap: www.mobikap.fr


Improve customer relationship

Automatically informing your customers for order tracking, appointment reminders, etc.

  • Make your brand accessible to your customers at any time
  • Create a regular link with your interlocutors and increase their satisfaction
  • Ensure a better follow-up of reservations, purchases or orders