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smsmode© features

The features
for sending SMS

A set of practical sheets to discover and master all the features of creating and optimizing your SMS campaigns.

Detailed reception statistics to quantify the impact of its campaign

Your campaign has been sent. A campaign report has been automatically created that provides you with detailed and accurate receipt statistics on each of your sends and will allow you to quantify the impact and effectiveness of your SMS campaign.

At any time, you can consult and follow the reporting of each of your campaigns and the delivery status of each of your messages in real time in your customer area. This statistical report allows you toanalyse your campaigns, ensure the deliverability of your messages and clean up your contact bases to keep them clean and healthy.

How do I access statistics on your customer area?


In the "Messaging" section, and the "History" tab (1), all your SMS messages are saved.

By clicking on the name of your campaign (2), you have access to its detailed report.

SMS Statistical interface


The statistical report of your campaign is as follows.

Detail of the SMS statistical report

This report includes 3 parts:

  • A "summary" section (3 ) summarising the text, the date sent, the personalised sender, the type of SMS, the cost (in credits), the number of contacts, the creation date, the recipients' numbers, etc.
  • a "Statistics" section (4) which will show you in diagram form the detailed reception statistics for your entire campaign.
  • a "Reports" section (5 ) which lists, one by one, all the contacts with details of the status and the corresponding time.

What are the key indicators (statutes) available and what are the actions to be carried out?

    A rate that combines the statuses "Received", "Sent" and "Delivered operator".
    Status confirmed by the operator as received on the recipient's terminal (phone).
    Rate that aggregates the status "Waiting".
    Temporary status pending receipt of confirmation from the operator or return of the message in error.
    This number should not be removed from the address book.
    Rate that groups the statuses "Operator Temporary Error", "Other Error" and "Absence Temporary Error".
    Message not delivered due to a number not reachable by the operator during the 24 hours following the sending.
    This number must be considered as valid and must not be removed from the address book.
    Rate that groups the statuses "Permanent error. absence", "Portability error" and "Routing error".
    Message not delivered due to a number not recognised by the operators.
    This number may be considered incorrect and has been automatically removed from the address book.
    Rate that aggregates the status "Recipient(s) blacklisted".
    A message where the recipient has asked not to receive any more SMS messages from you.
    This number has been automatically removed from the address book and can be consulted in the "Blacklist" section on the "My address book" page.