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You want to set up and send a SMS marketing campaign and you do not know which business solution to send SMS choose, nor what type of SMS is most suited to your need? You ask yourself the question of comparing SMS versus traditional media?

This SMS comparison is for you! At a glance, have a complete panorama of mobile marketing offers and services via SMS and make your choice easily!


3.12 centsThis is the shipping price
of each SMS message!

low-cost means of communication , sending a message via SMS costs up to 10 times compared to a traditional campaign (flyer, display, etc.). Benefit from the best value for your communications with the sending of SMS!

Reading rate of 95%This is the reading rate
of an SMS campaign!

The SMS has a reading rate of about 95% and many advantages in the face of email or traditional telephone revival. Make the SMS/other media comparison, but it is only withSMS sending that you will be sure that your message will be received and read by the majority of your recipients!

Time to receive 4minThis is the average time
To open an SMS!

This proven snapshot makes the SMS a medium of immediacy and proximity, especially suited to real-time communications. In the SMS/other mobile media comparison, the SMS certainly benefits from the best time for direct and quasi-instantaneous relationships with your contacts.

SMS comparison and professional mailing services

SMS comparison
What kind of SMS to choose?

The effectiveness of a campaign by SMS Pro is no longer to be proved vis-a-vis other traditional media because it offers a very high efficiency linked to better speed and better reliability. Professional SMS, SMS alert, SMS reply, etc., smsmode© offers you different solutions and range of products, to choose according to your needs and your budget.

Check out our SMS comparison.

Comparison Table of SMS offers
Quality Premium Very good Premium Premium
Number of characters in an SMS 160 characters 160 characters 70 characters 160 characters
Sending long messages YES YES YES YES
Acknowledgement of receipt YES
Included and free
Included and free
Included and free
Included and free
Customizing the Issuer YES NOT YES
(but without Unicode characters)
Allowed responses YES
(only if the issuer is not customized)
(only if the issuer is not customized)
(only if the issuer is not customized)
Automated STOP Management YES YES YES YES
International shipping YES YES YES YES
Type of Use Marketing. Private sales. Appointment Confirmation. Internal Communication... Voice alarms. Services for elderly or visually impaired people... Message including non-Latin characters (foreign languages or technical symbols) Message including a short link leading to a landing-page mobile.
Rates From the
0,0312 €/SMS
From the
0,0624 €/SMS
From the
0,0312 €/SMS
From the
0,0312 €/SMS
Comparing SMS & Tools
Which business solution to send SMS choose?

With nearly 20 years of experience in mobile marketing, smsmode© is a major player in the market for sending SMS marketing to professionals everywhere.

Find the main advantages of our offers and services and make the SMS comparison from the point of view of the tools and services at your disposal:

  • Direct message routing to all mobile operators and networks (as we are telecom operator and we do not use any roaming), which offers high quality and reliability of SMS sent.
  • 24 -hour self-service access to all of our SMS campaign management tools that are available and accessible at any time and wherever you are via access to a secure and personal client area.
  • a SaaS application to self-service access and accessible via an Internet browser in order to carry out your SMS campaign. This software solution has the many complete and advanced features for professional management of marketing operations including SMS mailing (thanks to the insertable variable fields in your SMS messages that allow you to Easily make direct mailings) or the customization of the issuer.
  • HTTP and Mail APIs that allow the integration of send requests from a website, software, application or email and from which all SMS ranges are available.
  • The possibility of sending messages in metropolitan France, in the DOM/TOM as well as internationally
  • a free trial at no cost since, when registering, you get 20 free credits to test our service. The use is then without obligation and without subscription.
  • a package system with a declining and competitive price (Lowest prices on the market) without subscription, without obligation and whose appropriations are granted an unlimited period of validity of the appropriations. In addition, payments are made by credit card, cheque, transfer, administrative order or via a "post-pay" payment based on the actual consumption at the end of the month.
  • Unlimited use of our services whether it is the number of SMS to send or the number of contacts that can be managed by the SaaS platform or the APIs.
  • a dynamic team that manages an annual volume of SMS sent to the tune of 100 million SMS per year for a turnover of nearly 3 million euros.
  • a commitment to the GDPRguaranteeing the complete protection and confidentiality of personal data transiting through our services, moreover highly secure.
  • a hotline, technical support and a highly responsive sales team that you can contact by email, phone or chat for any help or advice.
Comparing the best SMS applications
SaaS Platform HTTP API Mail API
Type of Use Delivery of SMS campaigns by mass or unit Sending SMS contextualized in software, application, etc. (SMS automation, SMS notification, etc.) Sending SMS from email and e-mail
Documentation YES
(Beginner's Guide available)
(complete query documentation available)
(Complete documentation available)
Rates and usage costs FREE
Only the cost of SMS sent is charged
Only the cost of SMS sent is charged
Only the cost of SMS sent is charged
Technical Support & Hotline YES YES YES
Once your SMS comparison,
Try sending SMS free
Trial 100% free and without obligation


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