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Discover the best success stories of our customers who have run inspiring and successful mobile campaigns. Thanks to our solutions, these companies have made mobile messaging a major asset for their communication strategies.


Poiscaille & the customer relationship SMS

Created in 2015 by Charles Guirriec, Poiscaille is the marine version of the vegetable basket: baskets of fish, shellfish and crustaceans, fresh, sustainable, ethical and delivered anywhere in France, in a short circuit. The promise: 48 to 72 hours between fishing on board the boat and delivery to the customer, anywhere in France.






serve customer relations

The fast-growing start-up Poiscaille has made the SMS channel a fundamental link in supporting, developing and boosting a high-quality customer relationship - and experience.

Proactive alerting through messaging

As a proximity tool « par excellence », Poiscaille relies heavily on mobile phones to support its customer communication. SMS is used to track shipping incidents, transactional messages such as order reminders, changes of the delivery location following a shop closure, etc. It is also used to send alerts to distribution outlets in the event of a missed delivery.

This interactions by SMS are destined to grow with the objectives. By the end of 2023, the number of subscribers will double (as the number of notifications) and Poiscaille will invest in marketing communication. A polymorphic status of the channel which makes all its interest.

In the customer journey, SMS is very well suited to contractual and urgent communications and, at the same time, to more marketing communications retention and acquisition communications.
Tom Guibourdenche, Poiscaille customer service manager

SMS customer relationsPoiscaille SMS customer relationsPoiscaille SMS relaciones con los clientesPoiscaille SMS customer relationsPoiscaille SMS customer relations

an essential & direct channel

SMS as a means to secure the reading of information

If Poiscaille has relied heavily on SMS interactions, it is because it solves one of the main challenges of interaction management: be sure that the message is read and taken into account by the customer in a short period of time. Indeed, thanks to its unequalled reception and reading rates, this channel allows to be direct and to have the guarantee that the message will be received, when email shows delivery failures due to spam filters, low opening rates and a partial adoption by an older population (which represents a significant part of Poiscaille’s customers).

In customer service, it is not easy to hit the nail on the head with every message. SMS ensures that the customer reads the information quickly.
Tom Guibourdenche, Poiscaille customer service manager

Used in different ways depending on the scenarios defined at Poiscaille, SMS replaces email, doubles the information sent by email or, in some cases, completes it. This is the case, for instance, with certain contractual informations sent proactively, such as the postponement of a delivery or the cancellation of an order, which require a confirmation of reading by the customer while delivering a long message. Thus, the combination and synergy of email and SMS - including a link to this email - is the best way to contractualise the sending of information and offer an optimal customer experience.

Poiscaille Study Case SMS highlights

a very high message opening rate
a channel adapted to all targets, even seniors
no spam or junk mail

the small size of the message available
the cost of long messages

perfomances SMS study case poiscaille

A data driven experience

Personalization, the key to customer relations

Through the sending of these notifications, Poiscaille adopts an approach geared towards personalising and individualising exchanges to guarantee growth and retention.
To do this, Poiscaille advisors refer to a library of predefined templates based on listed events. The degree of personalisation of these messages evolves according to the nature of the problem encountered by the customer: from the insertion of simple data such as the first name to the complete rewriting of the message in certain specific cases.

A contextualisation of the customer relationship that Poiscaille wishes to extend to hyper-personalisation - to offer an ever higher overall quality of experience - 100% automated, with the transmission of a panel of variables to the SMS messages.

Successfully completing the data pivot is the prerequisite to build a truly 1to1 customer relationship.

Fabien Andraud, head of sales smsmode©

This automation of scenarios requires technological changes based, on the one hand, on data-centred software and, on the other hand, on the parameterisation of triggers and workflows.
The first steps towards automation have been taken via Zapier for exchanges with distributor relay points. Poiscaille’s short-term objective is to scale up the model by applying this automation to the customer care part and by choosing the most suitable technological interconnection. A Holy Grail for - and in the service of - customer relations which would then enable the full potential of the SMS channel to be exploited.

we are smsmode©

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