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Sending volume SMS: smsmode©️ allows you to send volume SMS with ease

SMS, a communication medium with proven effectiveness, is becoming an integral part of companies' communication and marketing plans. As a proof, more and more companies are adopting SMS volume to interact with their customers.


Why use an online platform for SMS campaigns?

With important marketing and prospective stakes linked to a context of strong competition, communicative, commercial or marketing campaigns by SMS volume represent a judicious alternative to obtain convincing results while benefiting from reduced costs. With a single transmission, you can be sure that your target audience of up to thousands of people will receive your message effectively and instantly, and, if necessary using SMS response, can respond just as immediately.

To send or receive a large volume of SMS, it is essential to use a specialised platform. Approved by nearly 10 years of experience and the trust of nearly 10,000 customer accounts, the sMsmode platform and its services such as SMS APIs will allow you to benefit from high-performance tools for managing the sending of SMS volume campaigns.



Our SMS sending service is...

When you register, you get 20 free credits to test our service. Its use is then without obligation and without subscription.


Our SMS Campaign management tool is available through a SaaS platform accessible at any time and wherever you are.


All SMS ranges are available on our APIs that allow the integration of sending requests on a website or an application.


With the insertable variable fields in your SMS messages, make direct mailings easy.


In accordance with the agreement with the GDPR, all your data imported on our platform remain confidential.


If you need help or advice, you can contact our technical and commercial team free of charge by email or by phone.

Partner with the leader in mobile marketing for your SMS campaigns

To send or receive high-volume SMS messages, sMsmode is an essential partner for mobile marketing via SMS. Indeed, thanks to its specialised platform, you can manage the sending or receiving of volume SMS or voice messages to your targets in France or abroad, regardless of their number (sent individually or to lists containing up to several thousand contacts). Options such as sender personalisation, viewing and processing of sent or received volume SMS messages are offered according to the SMS ranges chosen.

Access to all the features of our interface is free of charge, only the cost of the messages sent is charged to you. Standard self-service offers are available, which apply degressive rates according to the volume of SMS to be processed.

If you have important needs or needs of personalized advanced solutions, our team is at your disposal to develop an offer specially adapted to your needs and your requirements.

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