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Mobile number rental meets a wide range of needs and applications for SMS communications: SMS subscription/unsubscription services, creation of mailing lists, management of incoming SMS messages, etc. The rental of a long virtual mobile number, with or without keywords, forms the basis for advanced SMS communication systems based on personalized scenarios. Choose smsmode© to set up your virtual mobile number, the ideal tool for collecting all types of information quickly, efficiently and simply!



Incription ServiceRequest registration service to a service (reservation, alert service, newsletter, etc.)

Creating an Address BookBuilding a mobile phone number Address Book (Opt'in)

Remote Communication by SMSRemote Communication with connected hardware (GPS with SIM card, etc.)

Two-way CommunicationTwo-way Communication to request a response or confirmation to the recipient

No extra cost to the userNo extra cost for the user

Unlike the short number and SMS+, the sending of an SMS by the end-user is in all cases not surcharged and is included in his package. Ideal for a service accessible to the greatest number of people!

Optention of the corresponding mobile number DEUAutomatically getting coordinates

In contrast to the short code and SMS+, you collect the contact details (mobile number) from the end user who sends you an SMS, directly and without any further manipulation on their part.

ACCOMPAGNEEMNT and technical support for virtual mobile number RentalsTechnical assistance from experts

Our team of technicians andSMS experts are at your side throughout the implementation of your bi-directional communication solution on a virtual mobile number.


Virtual number rentals associated with keywords

  • communication initiated by the customer or user: in a logic of pull marketing and two-way communication, the rental of a virtual mobile number is the first link to "pull" the customer, initiator of the conversation, towards the brand or service. This strategy is equally applicable for marketing and promotional purposes (registration for a loyalty programme, request for a quote, etc.) or for purely informational purposes (registration for an on-demand information service, for example to be alerted to disruptions on a transport line).
  • Building an address book: by opting for long mobile number rental, the technology allows you to automatically retrieve contact information (mobile numbers) without any further action on the part of the customer or end user. This functionality allows you to enrich, manage and maintain your list of subscribers and prospects highly qualified to your SMS sending service. Moreover, at any time, the end-user can ask to be automatically unsubscribed from this list by sending a simple SMS!
  • the setting up of groups and scenarios, including automatic responses: associated with the 10-digit virtual number, the setting up of keywords makes it possible to create specific and personalised distribution groups according to services, products, offers, etc. In addition, when a message is received from a user/customer, specific actions (sending an automatic reply, etc.) can be triggered automatically according to the scenario defined by you.


How does renting a virtual mobile number work?
  1. Setting up a virtual cell phone number: sMsmode sets up your own unique 10-digit cell phone number dedicated exclusively to your company. You'll be able to use this number to receive unlimited messages, free of charge, for the duration of the rental period. At the same time, keywords and automatic responses can be set up according to your scenario.
  2. Communication about your registration/unregistration service: as soon as your virtual number is assigned, you can communicate about your new registration/unregistration service on your website, brochure, flyer, poster or any other communication medium.
    Your customers, users or suppliers can immediately send free SMS messages from France and all over the world to your virtual number.
  3. SMS consultation: messages received on your virtual mobile number are stored and can be consulted directly on your secure customer area.
    You also have the possibility of retrieving the flow of incoming and outgoing messages directly from an external application (software, CRM, website, business application, etc.) thanks to our HTTP API.

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Virtual mobile number rentals in 3 steps

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Our commercial and technical teams are at your disposal to answer all your questions about our mobile number rental offer and to take advantage of the advice of setting up your bi-directional communications via SMS! Feel free to contact one of our collaborators, our goal is the success of your SMS registration service!