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Virtual virtual mobile number

Renting a virtual mobile number meets a wide range of needs and applications. SMS registration and deregistration services, creation of mailing lists, management of incoming SMS messages, customer relations, management of calls for delivery, etc. Virtual number rental enables a company to offer two-way communication via SMS.


The advantages of renting a virtual mobile number

No extra cost for the user

Sending an SMS from the end-user's phone is not surcharged and is included in their package. Virtual numbers are ideal for making your service accessible to all your customers. 

Automatic retrieval coordinates

Unlike short codes, SMS responses received on virtual numbers automatically collect the user's contact details (cell phone number), without any further manipulation.

Expert technical assistance

Our team of technicians and SMS experts is with you every step of the way, helping you set up your two-way communication solution via a virtual mobile number.

Examples of virtual number use

Register for an on-demand service

reservation services, alerts, newsletters, surveys...

Building an address book of numbers

Opt-in customer database for your company

Object communication

with connected equipment
(IOT, GPS with SIM card, etc.)

Two-way Communication

Get a reply or confirmation from the recipient

Virtual Mobile Number features

Get free feedback from your customers, enjoy all the benefits of a phone call within an automatable process without creating additional applications or services. 

Customer- or user-initiated communication

By renting a virtual mobile number, the customer initiates the conversation with the brand, application or service. This strategy is equally applicable to SMS marketing and promotional strategies (loyalty program registration, request for quotation, etc.) or informational purposes (registration for an on-demand information service, e.g. to be alerted to disruptions on a transport line).

Creation of a contact database

Automatically retrieve contact information (cell phone numbers) for your company, without any further action on the part of the customer or end-user. This feature enables you to enrich, manage and update your SMS subscriber list. The end-user can request automatic unsubscription from this list at any time by sending a simple SMS.

Setting up scenarios and actions

Set up actions triggered by your customers. Send automatic responses, create personalized distribution groups based on services, products, offers, etc. The virtual number lets you set up keyword-based workflows that trigger specific actions (API calls, sending an automatic response, registration, etc.) on receipt of a message from a user/customer. Define your scenario and let the virtual phone number do the rest.

How does renting a Virtual Mobile Number work?

Setting up a virtual cell phone number
We'll set up your unique 10-digit cell phone number, dedicated solely to your company. You'll be able to use this number in several countries, receive unlimited messages, and all messages are free of charge for the duration of the rental. Keywords can be set up according to your scenario to trigger automatic responses or application calls.
Viewing SMS messages
Messages received on your virtual mobile number are stored and can be consulted directly on your secure customer area. You can also trace the flow of incoming messages to your company and outgoing messages to the user phone directly from an online application (software, CRM, website, business application, etc.) using calls via our API.
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Integrate SMS into two-way communication. 

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