SMS delivery: What rate should you expect? How to optimize it. read the article SMS delivery: What rate should you expect? How to optimize it.more information Entrega de SMS: ¿Qué tasa debe esperar? How to optimize it. más información Consegna degli SMS: quale tasso di consegna si deve prevedere? How to optimize it.per saperne di più SMS-Zustellung: Welche Rate ist zu erwarten? Wie man sie optimiert.mehr erfahren

An expert platform for sending web SMS

SMS is a must-have communication channel for businesses, as it offers simple campaign sending and immense reach. Use an intuitive and comprehensive platform to send SMS messages from the web, and engage your contacts in a direct and personal way.


SMS web platform: an online marketing tool for professionals

A web SMS at an ultra-competitive price

Specialized in sending SMS via the Internet since 2004, smsmode© offers a service at very competitive rates, with numerous features developed for customers to optimize your message campaigns. Different products are available depending on the campaign objective and type of recipient (SMS, RCS, WhatsApp, Voice SMS, etc.). Message campaigns are effective for marketing objectives such as acquisition, loyalty or improving customer relations, as well as for notification or securing your business environment.

A powerful message

SMS offers 160 characters for a simple, concise message.

Maximum deliverability

thanks to a cell phone penetration rate of over 100%.

Effective campaigns

With an SMS read rate of 97% and a click-through rate of between 6% and 36%.

Popular messages

85% of people say they would like to receive useful information by SMS.

instant communication

Immediate dispatch and SMS read within 4 minutes of receipt (95% of cases).

Interactive media

Send SMS via the Internet and develop a multi-channel marketing strategy.

Choose the web SMS system for a successful campaign

Sending SMS from an SMS web service gives you access, with a simple Internet connection, to a communication system that displays impressive KPIs. Whether it's conversion rates, click-through rates or ROI, SMS is the No. 1 messaging tool for all performance reports. An additional advantage of SMS over email in particular is that it can't be spammed, and is almost guaranteed to be received on all types of cell phone.


API documentation smsmode©

Send your messages with an API and integrate SMS marketing, notification or security directly into your tool.


TTS (text-to-speech)


WhatsApp Business, RCS...

new A2P mobile messaging channels for your business

Discover the new mobile messaging channels and the new opportunities they offer for customer relations.

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