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WhatsApp Business & chatbot: the winning duo 

The current health crisis is causing a massive influx of digital interactions for many businesses, not just health-related. Mobile solutions have been developed to help you manage these demands. Today, smsmode© is able to offer you, in partnership with fAIbrik start up, the association of your mobile channel and your company. WhatsApp Business to a chatbot (conversational robot). What if automation was the solution?

Why you should think about the chatbot


For its simplicity & universality

Once the chatbot is connected to your WhatsApp channel, all the tools are in your hands to start the conversation! Conduct online conversations with your customers and provide automated answers to their most frequently asked questions. With the bot, you prepare the different scenarios that will be displayed as menus on the screens in advance.

Simple and fun, use the famous emoticons to bring your dialogue and brand identity to life. More than a "logistical" way to manage your support, the bot, well used, will allow you to give a boost to your customers' experience.


The guarantee of performance & the time saving it represents

A dedicated WhatsApp channel person can handle 30 calls at the same time when a phone operator handles only one call at a time. By categorizing and answering the most "classic" questions of the callers, the chatbot performs a pre-sorting.

Productivity, call center efficiency or dedicated customer service are at your fingertips! By managing several conversations at the same time, taking advantage of the different types of media offered (PDF, video, image, localization maps), the combination of these two tools proves to be much more efficient than a traditional switchboard.


Its instant & immediate nature

The main strength of chatbot is to offer a 24/7 service. By making part of the answers automatic, the interlocutor can obtain the information he needs at the moment he wants, without human intervention.

It also makes it possible to scan a wide range of queries, at least initially. Its immediacy responds to our constant desire for immediacy.



The French government has developed several chatbots associated with the WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger channels. These aim to "provide the largest possible number of people with the latest official information as well as health recommendations, in order to limit the risk of overloading the telephone switchboards of French health services," the social network explains in a press release.

Safe and well-documented tools since they draw on information compiled by the public authorities, these popular communication platforms are ideal allies in standing up to fake news and reassuring the population.