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Choosing the right tool for your needs

After conquering more than 2 billion users, the giant WhatsApp continues its unstoppable run. The number of users of this simple and efficient channel is constantly increasing. Since 2018, the opportunity has been extended to businesses. Two versions have been launched for professionals. Two modules with the same motto: Be where your customers are!

A size criterion: that of your activity

The choice of one or the other version will depend on the "scale" of your business. For example, a small neighborhood business that needs to communicate various information about its activity will more easily turn to the WhatsApp Business application. This business application is very similar to the "personal" WhatsApp application that you may already use to communicate with your loved ones.

A larger company with a higher number of flows/interactions will turn to the WhatsApp Business Solution API. This API allows you toautomate the sending of messages via a predefined scenario.

The added value of the tool becomes apparent when it is coupled with an automated chatbot .

Themain strength of the chatbot is to offer a 24/7 service. By making some of the answers automatic, the caller can get the information he needs at the moment he wants it, without human intervention.


WhatsApp App WhatsApp Business WhatsApp Business API
For whom? Personal use Business with local impact, small volume, conversation managed by one person (craftsmen, neighbourhood shop...) Company that generates flow/traffic where customers need fast answers. Customer services in all sectors (hotels, concierge services, tourism, events, consumer goods).
How? Used directly by the user from the application Used directly by the user from the application API monitoring tool
Account creation Creating an account autonomously from the application Creating an account autonomously from the application Process of creating the account managed by smsmode
Pricing Free of charge Free of charge Billing according to the messages sent (Template or chat)
Voice/video calls Yes Yes No
Mass mailings 256 contacts maximum 256 contacts maximum No limitation
Automatic messages No message automation Message automation :
- Home,
- Absence
Automation via PLC. The implementation of the smsmode x Faibrik chatbot is a real added value in conversational automation.
Customer Opt-in No Mandatory Mandatory

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