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Integrating our SMS API into your programming environment is quick and easy, providing you with all the options available for managing the sending and receiving of SMS messages. What's more, our SMS API is compatible with a wide range of development languages and programming environments (PHP, Javascript, Java, .NET, C/C++, C#, Ruby, Python, WinDev, etc.).

Our team of developers and our technical support are at your disposal to accompany you and give you advice to use our SMS API in your application, website or software.


Quick and easy integration of the HTTP APISimple integration
And fast

Compatible with all programming languages with HTTP GET and POST requests, the complete and free documentation allows a simple, fast and step by step integration.

SMS API with maximum securityA security

Hosted in France, in a level 4 data-center and based on HTTPS requests and protocol, our SMS APIs guarantee maximum security for your SMS dispatches. Identification is based on a token system or a "login/password" pair.

A dedicated and secure SMS sending serverAn SMS service

Our dedicated, high-availability infrastructure is continuously monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Technical support includedTechnical support
At your disposal

Our dedicated team of developers is available to help you integrate our APIs or answer your questions.

Compatibility with many languages

SMS requests are quick and easy to integrate and use in your PHP applications and software. Our SMS API allows an adapted link with MySQL databases to send text messages and voice messages, receive SMS, track the status of your sent messages, etc.


The JavaScript SMS API allows Web developers to insert the sending and receiving of SMS using the JavaScript language. Each feature and query proposed by the SMS API is very well documented with the description of the mandatory and optional parameters all embellished with code examples.


You can send SMS with the Java language via our smsmode© HTTP API. This allows you to directly implement the call to the webservice directly in the code of your Java application and without adding an additional library and send information to your customers via SMS.


Our API is the ideal solution if you want to integrate a send and receive SMS gateway into your development environments built on the .net framework, and send or receive SMS directly from your application via a Data transmission through the HTTPS protocol.

C/C + +

The smsmode© SMS API offers a programming interface that is compatible with a C/C++ development and makes it easy to integrate Web services such as mass-sending or SMS-messaging, sending SMS responses, message mailings, Monitoring of acknowledgement of receipts, etc.


Our C# SMS API, available for free, is recommended by our customers for ease of use and flexibility in applications developed in C#. Sending or receiving an SMS message (whether bulk SMS or SMS notifications) from your application is facilitated by using our C#-compatible API.


The Ruby SMS API allows you to complete your services offered by the management of a solution to send SMS marketing and an optimization of your communication with the short messages on mobile phones and smartphones directly managed in your applications, programs and software developed in Ruby.


Our Python SMS API allows you to set up calls for sending and receiving SMS in a few steps. A complete documentation of the various requests is provided and our technical team is at your disposal to provide you with support in case of need.


Our WinDev SMS API allows you to integrate HTTP and HTTPS requests to send and receive SMS to our gateway easily and quickly to your software developed in WinDev. You will have all the features of sending and receiving SMS by mass or unit, status tracking (message status), etc.

Technical Contact API SMS

Our team advises you...

Our technical team and customer support are at your disposal to answer questions about the integration of our SMS APIs and our associated services! So integrate without waiting our SMS API services and do not hesitate to contact one of our collaborators to benefit from the advice of setting up!