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If you are deploying a Web or Application project in Python, you can embed SMS sending directly from your application. Just follow our quick start Guide to set up the call code to the SMS API. In a few minutes, you implement the query and receive immediately after the SMS sent by Python.

With the HTTP SMS API, you can create any service from a simple SMS notification and marketing service to two-factor authentication Solutions (OTP).


Integrating a free SMS gatewaySimple and quick API integration

Compatible with all the programming languages to HTTP GET and POST requests, the complete and free documentation allows easy, quick and step-by integration.

Maximum security for automated SMS sentMaximum security

Hosted in France, in a level 4 data-center, our SMS APIs guarantee maximum security thanks to an HTTPS encryption.

High Availability dedicated InfrastructureContinuous service

Our dedicated and high availability infrastructure is constantly monitored 24/7, 7 days a day and 365 days a year with resistance to failure.

Support Team at your disposalTechnical support at your disposal

All of our dedicated developer team is available to help you integrate our SMS APIs or answer your questions.


Start sending an SMS with Python!

Sample messages sent through a Python application

An SMS HTTP API allows you to integrate requests for sending an SMS (bulk or unit), notification of the reports of received SMS, reception of SMS, etc. to your Python development.
Sending an SMS with Python is very easy. Let's just do it by running the XX command lines below.

Let's get back to these few lines quickly:

  • The first imported parameter is the token (API key) that identifies you to perform the query through our SMS gateway.
  • The second contains the contents of the message to be sent,
  • The third parameter contains the telephone number (s) of the recipients.
import requests
import urllib
import sys
import os.path

ERROR_API = "Error during API call"
ERROR_FILE = "The specified file does not exist"
URL = ''

*    Function parameters:
*    - access_token (required)
*    - message (required)
*    - destinataires (required): Receivers separated by a comma
*    - emetteur (optional): Allows to deal with the sms sender
*    - option_stop (optional): Deal with the STOP sms when marketing send (cf. API HTTP documentation)
*    - batch_file_path (required for batch mode): The path of CSV file for sms in Batch Mode

class ExempleClientHttpApi:

 # send SMS with GET method
 def send_sms_get(self, access_token, message, destinataires, emetteur, option_stop):

     final_url = (
         URL + PATH_SEND_SMS + 
         '?accessToken=' + access_token + 
         '&message=' + urllib.quote_plus(message.encode('iso-8859-15')) + 
         '&numero=' + destinataires + 
         '&emetteur=' + emetteur + 
         '&stop=' + option_stop
     r = requests.get(final_url)
     if not r:
         return ERROR_API
     return r.text

 # send SMS with POST method
 def send_sms_post(self, access_token, message, destinataires, emetteur, option_stop):

     final_url = URL + PATH_SEND_SMS
     headers = {'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8'}
     payload = {
         'accessToken': access_token,
         'message': message,
         'numero': destinataires,
         'emetteur': emetteur,
         'stop': option_stop
     r =, data=payload, headers=headers)
     if not r:
         return ERROR_API
     return r.text

 # send SMS with POST method (Batch)
 def send_sms_batch(self, access_token, batch_file_path, option_stop):

     final_url = URL + PATH_SEND_SMS_BATCH + "?accessToken=" + access_token + "&stop=" + option_stop
     if not os.path.isfile(batch_file_path):
         return ERROR_FILE
     r =, files={'file': open(batch_file_path,'rb')})
     if not r:
         return ERROR_API
     return r.text

You sent your first SMS, congratulations! Consult the developer documentation for the HTTP API and its settings to explore all of the features offered by our SMS Gateway (direct mail, date and send time management, issuer customization, response receipt, etc.).


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Our web interface for sending SMS, widely approved by hundreds of customers everywhere, is simple and fast to install and is compatible with many programming languages (PHP, Java, Javascript, ASP, C++, C#, Ruby, Python, SKD, WINDEV, .net, etc.).

Our webservice also guarantees you:

1Routing of SMS messages on the best routes
As a telecom operator, SMS sent via our services are only routed through high quality roads. We can guarantee a reception rate of 87% within one minute of sending (to French telephone operators). You get maximum quality and deliverability.

2Real-time monitoring and supervision of the sending of SMS
Traffic passing through our SMS Gateway is monitored continuously. Our Kibana monitoring system allows you to track the performance of SMS shipments. At a glance, the detailed deliverability statistics and the alerts for possible system slowdowns are uplifted.

3High availability infrastructure approved by nearly 10,000 customers
Our SMS platform treats more than 1 million requests daily for a sending volume of more than 100 million SMS sent per year. The management of sending priorities (prioritization of traffic notification on marketing traffic) is also managed to offer better performance.

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