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A free platform for your text messaging

Send your messages from a powerful online service that's free to use. The application smsmode© is available in web format, and offers numerous advantages for companies, whether sending automated single SMS messages or mass marketing campaigns.


Get closer to your customers.

Whether you're sending Bulk SMS or by the unit, the free services and tools offered by SMS software smsmode© can be used to broadcast promotions and advertising offers, or to deliver information messages (order or delivery confirmations, SMS alerts, crisis communication, appointment reminders, etc.). SMS has its place at every stage of the customer relationship. It's a message that arrives on the customer's personal telephone number, enabling you to nurture a privileged relationship.

Discover the free software smsmode©

No obligation and free trial

The use of our SMS software software is free of obligation and subscription. When you register, you'll receive 20 free credits to test our online SMS solution, a medium with impressive KPIs. 

Self-service access 24/7

Our SMS marketing campaign management tool is available online and can be accessed at any time via our website, wherever you are, from a computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.

Online messaging at a competitive price

By using our SMS platform platform, you benefit from a message at one of the most competitive rates on the market. Our different packages, with sliding scale rates and no validity period, can be adapted to your needs.

A simple, intuitive interface

Manage all your SMS operations professionally from a comprehensive tool that offers numerous advantages. From importing contacts to editing, scheduling sends and segmenting recipients, manage your campaigns with ease. 

Effective communication

In addition to competitive SMS rates, free SMS software lets you send a message to a customer's mobile number instantly. It's a powerful direct marketing tool, especially when you consider that the average person checks their phone 58 times a day

Advanced features

Manage, segment and qualify your contacts on the SaaS platform. With group creation, automatic unsubscribe management, send scheduling, template creation, sent SMS history and detailed statistics, your mobile campaigns are well monitored.  

Unlimited shipping possibilities

smsmode© benefits from direct connections to operators. This feature offers a series of considerable advantages to our customers. These include low rates and maximum deliverability to over 500 operators in France, Europe and more than 160 countries.

Ease of use

Write your messages and define sending parameters quickly and easily with our SMS sending software. With no need for specific technical knowledge, you can send your offers or information messages to your recipients in just a few clicks, automate your dispatches and integrate variables.


10 best practices for a successful SMS campaign

Discover essential practices and tips for integrating mobile SMS marketing campaigns into your message communications.

Choose a robust solution

Our software application, based on proprietary technology developed by our team, can be used in 3 ways, depending on your needs and the advantages you prefer. 

SaaS Platform

Create bulk SMS campaigns from our website. Our no-obligation platform offers you a wide range of functions: group management, send programming, sender personalization, reception statistics, response management, automations...

HTTPs and Mail APIs

Add SMS functionality directly to your application, website or mailbox. You'll be able to send and receive SMS directly in your environment, or use your mailbox as the sender of a text message transformed into an SMS (solution requiring no technical knowledge). 

SMS plugins

Centralize customer data and messaging exchanges with an SMS plugin integrated into your CRM. Our modules give you an overview and a more personalized approach to customer relations. So you can easily measure campaign effectiveness and optimize your marketing strategy.

Create your free account

Try our SMS platform and benefit from 20 free test credits, with no obligation.

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