Choose a powerful and profitable media

SMS Marketing is an indispensable communication channel for companies that want to invest in mobile media.

Opt for an efficient, dynamic and economical communication channel thanks to smsmode's mobile communication services

The number of mobile phone owners is growing sharply: almost 100% of the French population has at least one mobile terminal. In fact, being present and succeeding in its mobile communication on these booming communication channels has become a strategic issue for businesses, traders and communities. To develop a mobile communication plan including mobile advertisingis to choose the most suitable medium for your campaign, to deliver the right message, and to know its target.


Integrating direct marketing into mobile communication via SMS campaigns

Media essential to reach consumers everywhere and in real time, the SMS has the undeniable advantage of having a significant reading rate of around 95%. A modern and dynamic means of communication benefiting from a positive image, the broadcast of SMS campaigns is instantaneous and the reactions are almost immediate. They are in fact creating a strong proximity relationship between the brand and its customer.

Mobile Communication has the specificity of reaching all client targets, regardless of gender, age or socio-Professional category. The only restriction is to respect the legal provisions in terms of marketing and mobile communication in particular in the context of SMS campaigns.

A powerful message

Because the limitation of the SMS to 160 characters of the SMS requires to have a simple and concise message

Maximum deliverability

With a mobile phone equipment rate of nearly 100%

Effective campaigns

With an SMS marketing reading rate of 97% and a click rate between 6% and 16%

A popular media

By 85% of people who wish to receive useful information via SMS

A instant communication

The SMS is usually read between 1 MN and 4 minutes after its reception

Interactive media

That allows you to integrate SMS marketing into a multi-channel mobile strategy

communicating on mobile effectively

With this mobility media, companies can communicate on exceptional promotions, new products, exceptional openings of stores, gifts, etc., as well as on loyalty offers: reminder of appointment, availability of a product/service, etc. It is to be seen that the SMS is adapted to a wide range of sectors of activity and type of marketing (advertising, information, internal communication, etc.). The results of the SMS campaigns show a great performance of this communication vector; The mobile also significantly enriches thecustomer experience.

These mobile communication campaigns can also be part of a cross-channel strategy. More creative and interactive applications (link to landing pages or soon MMS) can be put in place to use all the possibilities offered by smartphones.

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