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Examples and case studies of using the SMS sending made by some of our 10 000 customers, start-up or international groups.

Coffreo, the French leader in HR dematerialisation for employees, has opted for SMS communication for its innovative electronic employment contract service.
Coffreo, with several tens of thousands of contracts dematerialised each month, has become thereference operator for electronic employment contracts. In this context, it has opted for SMS communication to inform employees of the receipt of a new employment contract in their Coffreo. By receiving this alert message instantly on their mobile phone, the employee knows that they have a new electronic employment contract to sign. The SMS also makes it possible to guarantee the expected confidentiality andprovide the legal security necessary for this service. The employment contract is accessible via the internet 24/7 and is signed by entering a signature code, also delivered by SMS, once the terms of the contract have been accepted.


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