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STOP SMS: what is it?

"STOP SMS" is a spam-fighting device that allows each recipient of SMS messages to have an easy way to oppose and/or unsubscribe from the sending list of the message sender.

In accordance with the GDPR's directives and to protect the consumer, this statement must be displayed for any SMS advertising campaign sent on a mobile phone.

Overview of the STOP SMS...


Stop SMS AdvertisingThe case
Advertising text messages

Advertising SMS messages cannot besent without the prior explicit consent of the recipient. Furthermore, the CNIL requires that all commercial SMS campaigns include a simple and free (i.e. not surcharged) unsubscribe option, the "STOP SMS".

Informative SMSThe case
Informative text messages

In the case of sending a mobile message in the form of an informative text message (e.g. confirmation of appointments, follow-up of reservations, purchases or orders, alerts, sending of confirmation codes, etc.), there is no obligation to include the "STOP SMS " in the message.

Legal provisions regarding the SMSThe risks
In case of non-compliance

In the event of a complaint by a recipient of an abusive SMS or promotional marketing campaign that does not comply with the law, the law provides for a fine of up to €20,000 against the spamming company. In other words: stay within the legal framework for your SMS marketing!

Message Stop SMS

Recipient side
  • Be careful when giving out your mobile phone number. You should be able to give your consent (or not) to the commercial use of your personal data by the company collecting this information and possibly by its commercial partners.
  • Send a message including the word "STOP " in the message to the short number (5 digit number) of the received SMS.
  • If, however, you find that the SMS received is abusive and undesirable and that the sender's number is not present, you can report this SMS spam on the 33700 service provided for this purpose.
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Sender side
  • To comply with SMS advertising legislation, you are required to offer recipients of all commercial SMS messages the option of unsubscribing/unsubscribing by clearly mentioning "STOP + short number" at the end of the message, or a link to an unsubscribe page (service for countries outside France). Please note that some mobile operators reserve the right not to distribute your mobile advertising message if the "STOP SMS" message is not present. This feature is available on our platform: each unsubscribe request, managed automatically by our system, excludes the number of the recipient who made the request from your contact database, and therefore from any subsequent campaign.
  • If you do not comply with this legal obligation, you may be fined up to €20,000 in the event of a complaint.
  • However, if the SMS sent is of an informative nature, you are not obliged to add the words "STOP SMS".
  • The management of unsubscriptions is carried out automatically by our system. Thus, when you receive an SMS containing a request to unsubscribe, the telephone number is automatically deleted from your address book and you will no longer send it any commercial prospecting by SMS.


Inserting the Stop SMS statement


Stop SMS

  • STOP SMS is mandatory for any commercial SMS
  • a simple procedure for the recipient, who can stop receiving SMS messages by sending only "STOP" to the short number of the message received.
  • Our platform automatically integrates the recipient's request, automatically deregisters it from the address carent and sends it an SMS confirmation of unsubscribe.

Mobile communication

The smsmode© platform

Our platform and its associated APIs allow you to carry out all your marketing campaigns sending SMS to the unit or in number according to your legal obligations.