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The words "STOP SMS" to be in line with the legislation of mobile marketing

You are obligated, by carrying out any SMS marketing campaign, to propose a simple, clear and free way to oppose the reception of new solicitations.

This legal obligation required by the CNIL requires the presence in your messages of a means of unsubscribe or "STOP SMS" messagewhen sending an SMS campaign of a commercial or advertising nature .

by not clearly informing the recipient of the unsubscribe procedure to be followed, you expose yourself to the risk of a fine of up to 20 000 € in the event of a complaint. On the other hand, if you only send text messages that are informative, you do not have the obligation to make this statement appear in your message.

Be sure to use this statement and remain in good standing with the obligations of the CNIL!


What form does the STOP SMS take?
  • In the case of consignments to French numbers, The word "STOP SMS" takes the form of the text "STOP" followed by the Shortcode (Short number – for example 36034 which may otherwise arbitrarily change) and which is automatically placed at the end of the message for a Total of 10 characters.
  • In the case of shipments to international numbers, The mention of unsubscribe is automatically replaced by our system by the Mention "" (Since the shortcodes are not taken into account abroad), or a Total of 9 characters.

Our SMS-Sending services automatically manage the correct mention to indicate for each number of your shipments.

How to unsubscribe to prospecting by SMS

How does the word "STOP SMS" work?
  • The words "STOP 36034" or "" are automatically inserted At the end of the message sent; It works even if you use a custom sender
  • The recipient simply sends "STOP" at number "36034" Yes Fill out the form on the page "" To unsubscribe
  • The Unsubscribe is automatically taken into account And a confirmation of unsubscribe is automatically sent to your recipient via SMS
  • The unregistered mobile number is Visible in your customer area in the "Blacklist" section

Sending an SMS confirmation of unsubscribe is mandatory, a debit of a credit will be automatically counted on your account when each unsubscribe.

Managing the "STOP SMS" on your account

The integration on your customer space of the "STOP SMS" feature, which automatically inserts this statement at the end of your message, allows you to be in full compliance with the legislation in force.

in case you only carry out informative campaigns, we invite you to contact our team (mail: or +33 4 91 05 64 63), so that we can set up your account in "notification". You will then be able to activate or deactivate at any time the display of the word "Stop SMS".

When writing a new message, the text "STOP SMS" adapted to the type of SMS is automatically inserted at the end of your message. The preview on the right shows you!

the possibility of unchecking the checkbox that removes the word "STOP SMS" (1) in your message when creating a new send is only available for accounts of type "Notification" (by default, any account on our platform is set "Marketing" type. See below for setting up his account in the "Notification" type).

STOP SMS: Way to unsubscribe to SMS campaigns

Always only in the case of "Notification" accounts, you can permanently disable this feature by going to the "Settings" tab and the "alerts" sub-heading (2).
You can then uncheck the checkbox (3) , which disables the automatic insertion of the STOP SMS at the end of the message.

Permanently disabling the function