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Boost conversions your campaigns with SMS advertising

Communicate effectively with customers and prospects. An SMS advertising campaign can be used to achieve a wide range of marketing objectives: point-of-sale traffic, mass messaging to announce your offers, promotions, private sales, sales, and more. A message-based communication solution offering high-impact direct marketing.


Create an advertising campaign advertising campaign with smsmode©

With mobile solutions for every advertising need, the smsmode© offers you a wide range of functions:

Intuitive SMS platform, free of charge and with no obligation

Discover all the professional features of SMS marketing campaign management. Send your messages and manage your settings with complete autonomy.

Rich SMS, link and landing page creation

Boost your advertising with multimedia content. Send Rich SMS with a link to a mobile landing page created with our dedicated tool. Insert a short link smsmode© in your SMS and extend your message with a mobile-first web page with unlimited content, which can include all the elements of a web page (text, images, videos, map, buttons, contact form, etc.).

Integrate SMS functionality into your application

Our SMS plugins, SMS APIs (REST, HTTPs and Mail) and SMS reception service are at your disposal to make personalized advertising message scenarios a reality: automatic sending of advertising SMS messages from your application or e-commerce site, automatic subscription of your customers to a mailing list for promotional offers, within the customer journey, and so on.

SMS is the champion of advertising messages

A service with maximum reach that integrates easily with your tools.

Tips for a successful advertising campaign with SMS

SMS is an effective communication channel. But like all tools, there are a few rules to keep in mind. Here are a few tips for optimizing your SMS advertising campaigns.

Comply with of mobile marketing

Unlike notification messages containing necessary information for your customers, SMS advertising messages are subject to strict rules, laid down in France by the CNIL. Marketing messages may not be sent between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m., on Sundays or public holidays. It is also forbidden to send an advertising message without the recipient's prior consent when collecting his or her number (Opt'in). The wording STOP SMS is mandatory on all advertising SMS messages, in order to comply with the obligations imposed by the CNIL.

Define your strategy and plan your SMS campaigns

Sending date and time, text, recipients, customer data, variables... Define your to-do list in advance for a successful campaign. The rhythm of communication is also important. A message sent too frequently can be perceived negatively. On the other hand, your customers may find your mailings surprising if they're too far apart. Choose the frequency and timing most appropriate to your industry. Open, read, click and return rates can be tripled.

Take care of your message

An SMS credit has a maximum of 160 characters. Your message therefore needs to be clear, punchy and precise to arouse the interest of recipients. To guarantee the message's impact with loyal customers and prospects alike, personalize your advertising by including variables (surname, first name, etc.). Support your branding by replacing the short header number with your company name, using the personalized sender feature. Of course, don't forget the call-to-action to your offer. This could be a URL, a promo code or an invitation to come into the store.


The advertising text

through 5 action sheets

Discover all the possibilities offered by SMS advertising for mobile prospecting.

SMS advertising in figures

read rate of SMS advertising

This is one of the many advantages over email, telephone reminders, flyers and leaflets. With SMS marketing, you can be sure that your SMS campaign will be received and read by the majority of your recipients.

average time to open an SMS

This proven immediacy makes SMS a communication channel of immediacy and proximity, particularly suited to real-time communications. Maintain a direct, personal relationship with your customers thanks to SMS.

average ROI for an SMS

With rates up to 10 times lower than a display, search engine ad or social network campaign, SMS is a cost-effective communication channel. Benefit from the ultra-attractive ROI of SMS for your campaigns, and a response rate of between 20% and 30%.

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