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The features
for sending SMS

A set of practical sheets to discover and master all the features of creating and optimizing your SMS campaigns.

International rates for international SMS shipments worldwide
  • The entire world within SMS range: over 800 networks covered in 180 countries
  • Your international SMS mailings in a few clicks on monitored global networks
  • Competitive rates to all destinations



Connect to operators from around the world

Sending international SMS is possible all over the world thanks to our quality operator connections through over 500 networks in 166 countries. Connections to existing operators and new monitored operators are done automatically and continuously. An alert system alerts you if there is an operator connection problem.


Very competitive rates

The costs of sending specific international SMS by destination, are optimized and updated regularly.


Simple International sendings

Our credit system gives you the possibility to send SMS to any destination in self-service and without limitation. The cost in credits is calculated automatically according to the specific rate according to the chosen destination.

TTS is not available internationally.
• Depending on the destination, local operators may block certain features such as customizing the issuer or obtaining a receipt report. Contact us for more detail.

Our international rates in detail...