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Boost your professional SMS campaigns

Send mass SMS campaigns anywhere in the world at competitive rates. Deliver messages at the right time. Get statistics on SMS reception, automate your campaigns, receive responses...



Performance for your marketing campaigns

Professional SMS is a marketing solution that stands out thanks to its KPIs.

Reach, clicks, conversions, ROI... whatever the indicators, SMS dominates other marketing campaign channels such as email, search or social networks, but also radio, TV or billboards. An additional advantage of SMS is that it suffers no deliverability problems (no SPAM). Take advantage of the fact that cell phone users consult their phones an average of 68 times a day to send them messages that help your business grow. 

A multi-purpose medium


The open rate and universality that characterize SMS make it the perfect channel for alerts. Companies can improve the quality of their services with the quick and easy information dissemination offered by SMS campaigns. What's more, SMS does not require cellular data or an Internet connection to be received. So it can be used in any circumstance. 


SMS marketing has everything it takes to communicate directly with customers. Whether as part of a marketing automation approach or to stand out from the crowd during special promotional periods (sales, Black Friday, Valentine's Day...), SMS enables you to make your offers, coupons, special promotions or advertisements stand out from the crowd in just a few clicks.

Build loyalty

Customer loyalty and retention are two very important factors in the growth of any business. Thanks to its very personal and direct nature, SMS can have a positive effect on customer engagement. It helps you establish more meaningful links and encourage your customers to return. The great personalization possibilities offered by SMS variables make your messages all the more targeted and personal.


IF you need foolproof methods to increase your response rate, SMS is for you. Its unbeatable open rate is obviously a strong argument when it comes to sales prospecting. It can also be deployed quickly and easily, and boasts an incredible conversion rate for prospecting (+25%).

Opt for a dedicated quality service for your professional SMS campaigns

Discover the advantages of the platform smsmode© to make your business SMS campaigns even more effective.


Plan your campaigns simply by choosing the date and time of dispatch, from the platform, via API or CRM connector. You can even automate your mailings for an alert or appointment reminder system.

Transmitter personalization

Increase your open rate by 30% and give your campaigns greater credibility. The personalized Sender ID is ideal for boosting engagement. Personalization is available on all our services.

Message templates

Create and store an unlimited number of templates in your customer area, for the different uses of SMS, in marketing or notification, and also test all our our SMS templates.

Contact management

Automate SMS STOP management, and clean up your database (automatic deletion of duplicate or wrong numbers). Segment your database by group, target your campaigns and run A/B tests. Several import methods are available.

Response management

Manage responses in real time, with all received responses stored in your user account, and the option of extracting responses from the user interface, or by URL. All at no extra cost to either user or customer.

Landing page editor

Adopt a multimedia approach and easily create aesthetically pleasing optimized for smartphones. All relevant statistics are at your disposal, from your customer area or by request.

Send professional SMS campaigns in just a few clicks.

Create a professional SMS campaign and communicate with thousands of recipients in an effective and personal way. Receive an acknowledgement of receipt and measure the quality of your campaign by building up a qualified base of customers and prospects. SMS marketing, notification or transactional message, our platform for sending SMS campaign has everything you need to communicate effectively with your customers.


Poiscaille: SMS in all its forms

Discover our free Poiscaille case study to optimize your customer relations.

Communicate differently with smsmode©

The platform smsmode© is one of the key players in mobile marketing and communication solutions. With 20 years' experience, the company has developed simple, effective solutions to meet the specific needs of professionals in a wide range of sales and service sectors.

With these professional SMS campaign solutions, you can reach a maximum number of targets. Create as many SMS templates in line with your company and product image as you like and, depending on your objective for your professional SMS campaign, choose the one that's right for you to send to thousands of recipients in just one click.

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