Professional SMS Campaign

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  • Send critical messages in time
  • Make sure you receive your text messages
  • Receive answers to your text messages
  • Send your text messages all over the world
Professional SMS, a powerful, simple and efficient media


This mode of communication offers a higher rate of return compared to other media such as radio, TV or posters. In fact, nearly 90% of mobile phone users are viewing messages on their phones within 4 minutes of receiving the SMS.

Why choose a professional SMS campaign ?

Carrying out a professional SMS campaign allows you to communicate with thousands of recipients in an efficient and personal way with each one of them. You can pre-program your shipments on the date you set and personalize your message. The management of your campaign on smsmode becomes extremely simple, because you can send information (balances, launch of a new product, etc.) in just a few clicks. On the other hand, you can receive an acknowledgement allowing you to measure the quality of your professional SMS campaign and thus form a base of qualified prospects customers.

A professional SMS campaign is much cheaper than a traditional advertising campaign . What's more, SMS are not blocked by anti-spam as is the case with emailing campaigns. As message templates are already pre-recorded, you only need three clicks to send your message to one or thousands of recipients.

SMS Pricing



0,0312 excl. taxes/SMS
  • Subscription from €9 excl. VAT per month




0,0450 excl. taxes/SMS
  • No commitment, nor fixed fees


Otherwise communicate with smsmode

The smsmode© platform is one of the indispensable players in mobile marketing and communication solutions. With 10 years of experience, she has been able to develop simple and effective solutions that can meet the specific needs of professionals. With these solutions to make a professional SMS campaign, you can reach a maximum of targets. Create as many SMS templates in accordance with the image of your company and your products as you want and, depending on your goal of your professional SMS campaign, choose the one that is right to send it with a single click to Thousands of recipients.