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The SMS in number for better cost management of your mass marketing campaigns

Sending bulk SMS is an efficient alternative if, in the course of your business, you have to send messages to a large number of contacts or customers. This is the case, for example, if you wish to inform your customers of the release of a new product or conduct an advertising campaign. This method of communication is also suitable for sending discount coupons or promotions. You can also use it to run a targeted and personalised marketing campaign.

Simply and directly inform a large number of contacts

The recourse to platforms specialized in thesending of SMS presents a certain interest if you wish to send SMS in number. You will find on the platform smsmode© a wide choice of services to send SMS in number. The coordinates of the latter remain confidential so that the use of such a platform does not constitute a risk. To use this service, you just have to write your message, whose maximum number of characters varies according to the range of SMS you will have chosen. Then you select your recipients. And finally, with a simple click, you send your message.

Our APIs allow you to integrate this bulk SMS function into your website. You will be able to manage the date and time at which you want the message to be sent, just like on the online platform. If this service is part of a marketing campaign, we advise you to do a lot of work on the writing of your message to make it punchy and concise.

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Our SMS sending service is...

When you register, you get 20 free credits to test our service. Its use is then without obligation and without subscription.


Our SMS Campaign management tool is available through a SaaS platform accessible at any time and wherever you are.


All SMS ranges are available on our APIs that allow the integration of sending requests on a website or an application.


With the insertable variable fields in your SMS messages, make direct mailings easy.


In accordance with the agreement with the GDPR, all your data imported on our platform remain confidential.


If you need help or advice, you can contact our technical and commercial team free of charge by email or by phone.

smsmode© and its message sending services

If you wish to use the services of a renowned platform for thesending of your SMS in number, you can address to smsmode. You will get two great advantages from the use of this platform: reduced costs and a great simplicity of use. This service can thus bring you many advantages if you wish to communicate an information to hundreds, even thousands of your contacts.

The registration on smsmode© is totally free. Once this first step is completed, you will be able to order your SMS messages and send them according to your needs. These messages can be single, but you can also use them for a sending of SMS in number.

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