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SMS versus Mail: the comparison

The SMS VS the email in a few digits!

These two direct marketing channels can both be used to win over new customers or to revive an existing contact base. But which channel is more effective? Which one will allow you to communicate with your target audience in the best way?

sMsmode tells you the secrets of these two tools and compares SMS and email.


Opening an SMS: 95%

95% for SMS
VS 20% for email!

SMS is a medium that keeps its promises! With an opening rate of 95%, it far exceeds its colleague emailing (which only benefits from a reading rate of around 15%). Emails often go unnoticed and get lost in the mass of email that the Internet user receives every day. With 60% of the population who declares to spend 2h a day on their phone, the chances of repercussions are increased!

Opening an e-mail: 20%

Reading an SMS: 4 minutes

4 minutes for SMS
VS 90 minutes for email!

90% of SMS messages are read within 4 minutes of sending while the email has a response time of 90 minutes (when there is an answer!). Only the SMS guarantees you immediate communication and with a reactivity of your destinatiaire faster! So opt for the SMS to be assured that your customers and contacts will have become aware of your message very quickly!

Reading a mail: 90 minutes

Mobility with SMS: 91%

91% for SMS
VS 72% for email!

91% of people always have their laptop at hand regardless of where it is and the time of day for a guaranteed SMS reception! For emailing, the consultation habits of mail boxes are more complex, between a consultation from a computer (connected to the network on average 72% of the time) and a consultation in mobility situation on a smartphone (where the frequency of Connection down to 28%). Access to SMS on mobile is more in one click, not requiring any Internet connection or application download. Advantages far from being negligible!

Mobility with Mail: 72%

Spam for SMS: 0%

0% for SMS
VS 80% for email!

8 out of 10 e-mails land directly in the "spam" or "junk" folder! This is not the case of the SMS where this restriction simply does not exist! The simplicity of SMS technology (a simple text message without formatting and limited to 160 characters) makes its strength: a powerful message, readable and easily mémoriable!

Spam in Mail: 80%

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