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Sending SMS loyalty allows companies to create a regular link with a customer (whether it is a new customer or an inactive customer), to re-activate the relationship with a prospect, to arouse con interest and thus, in fine, to strengthen the customer relationship. Integrated into a multichannel strategy (emailing, advertising, flyer, etc.), the SMS benefits from too often underexploited potential as it establishes a relationship of trust, personal and is generally perceived as non-intrusive!

A Formidable lever for growth, this SMS-based mobile marketing strategy allows companies to set up an efficient loyalty program and benefit from a direct marketing tool that allows you to target their targets in a personal way.


The SMS loyalty in brief
Retain customers with loyaltyThe conservation
of your customers

The SMS channel can help you to establish and maintain a link with each of your customers in a very personal way! It also performs very well (very high read rate, very good acceptance, etc.).

The SMS an economical mediumA media
At lower cost

Building customer loyalty costs less than acquiring new ones! It's an established fact... With a very low cost, SMS loyalty is also one of the most competitive digital media on the market.

Increase in profitability and turnoverThe increase in your

A satisfied and loyal customer brings profitability. Indeed, the launch of a loyalty programme is intended to encourage repeat purchases and regular maintenance of your sales to ultimately increase your sales figure.

Successful SMS loyalty operations

The implementation of a loyalty strategy by SMS remains an essential point to establish a relationship of trust with your customers and federate them around your products and services. Discover the different types of SMS to help you achieve this goal.

Examples of SMS loyalty

  • Commercial SMS: to relay offers of promotions, private sales, discount codes or any other offer and thus achieve its sales objectives, this type of communication aims to encourage your customer to renew the purchase of your products and to create traffic at the point of sale (whether physical or virtual). It can be used to promote your operations and events, as well as for customer birthday communications!
  • Informative SMS: informing about your news, upcoming events, a new article or new product... the objective is to create a real brand image by differentiating you from your competitors. Above all, it remains an excellent way of creating a regular link with your customers with a view to building loyalty.
  • SMS satisfaction: the opinion of your customers is always valuable. By submitting a satisfaction questionnaire to your customers after a sale or an order, you can assess the needs of your customers in order to best meet their expectations. This is an opportunity for you to optimise the improvement of your products, services or customer relations.
  • SMS alerts and reminders: in order to remind inactive customers, inform them of the different stages of their purchasing process, etc., SMS remains a particularly suitable channel for renewing contact with each of your customers and showing particular interest in them with an exclusive offer, for example.

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An SMS campaign loyalty in a few clicks

In order to carry out your loyalty program via SMS, sMsmode offers you several services and tools to carry out your campaigns:

  • a SaaS platform for sending SMS messages: it is equipped with all the professional features needed to send SMS messages immediately and autonomously: address book management, recording of message templates, receipt reports, personalisation of the sender and the message with, in particular, direct mail variables, consultation and management of responses received, triggering of predefined actions, etc.
  • an HTTP API: this allows you to integrate the loyalty SMS sending functionality directly into your external application (CRM, e-commerce site, mobile application, etc.). The sending of SMS messages will thus be integrated directly into your application and can be triggered directly during pre-defined events.
  • Opt-in": a perfect complement to your loyalty SMS mailings, this solution allows you to automatically manage the registration and unsubscription of your contacts to your loyalty programme. Your address book will thus be automatically updated. The functionality also allows you to manage groups in this address book according to the specified keyword and then send specific messages to your subscribers.

Services to send SMS as part of a loyalty program


The loyalty program by Pizza Sprint

The network of Pizza Sprint franchises, No. 4 of takeout pizza and delivery in France, uses the SMS to perform reminders and special offers especially during the evenings of major sporting events. This type of SMS is proving to be a very good way to retain its customers and increase its turnover.


Contacting platform for sending SMS loyalty

Our team advises you...

Our sales and technical teams are at your disposal to answer all your questions about sending SMS loyalty and to help you set up your campaign. Feel free to contact one of our collaborators, our goal is the success of your campaign!