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SMS promotion

You want to send urgent information? Do you want to develop a disruption or incident information service? Have you thought about using the SMS?

Boost your sales and communicate in an original way thanks to promotional campaigns by SMS! For your marketing plans around promotions, private sales, event days such as Black Friday, Mother's Day, etc., opt for a different strategy and a more personal communication with your customers: SMS marketing will be your best ally to achieve these objectives in an economical, effective and efficient way!


4.5 Euro centsThis is the shipping price
of each SMS message!

An extremely cost-effectivemeans of communication,sending promotions by SMS costs up to 10 times less than a paper campaign or a telephone reminder. Benefit from an ultra-attractive ROI for your marketing campaigns by usingSMS promotions.

Reading rate of 95%This is the reading rate
of an SMS campaign!

SMS promotions have a read rate of around 95% and have many advantages over email or traditional telephone reminders. With SMS, you can be sure that your SMS campaign will be received and read by the majority of your recipients!

Time to receive 4minThis is the average time
To open an SMS!

This proven immediacy makes SMS a medium of immediacy and proximity, particularly suited to mobile communications. Maintain a direct and almost instantaneous relationship with your customers bysending promotions by SMS.

SMS, a relevant communication lever to send your promotion offers via SMS

SMS is one of the most effective ways to establish direct and personal interaction with each of its clients. So, by carrying out SMS campaigns, you are assured of:

Broadcast Promotions by SMS

  • Boost your traffic at the point of sale: with high return rates, an SMS promotion campaign cansignificantly increase traffic in store and thus increase sales. These rates, even if they depend greatly on the message and the promotion by SMS, remain largely superior to those of an emailing and other traditional media.
  • Establish a personal, original and interactive communication with your customer: advertising by SMS establishes a closer communication with your customers with the aim of reinforcing the feeling of closeness with your brand. Thanks to the realisation of tailor-made marketing operations via SMS, you will be able to adapt your message to the recipient, personalise it, make it more interactive, etc.
  • Carry out a customer loyalty strategy: by carrying out SMS campaigns, you build customer loyalty and generate new sales! The diffusion of promotion by SMS, effective, economic and complementary to any other campaign carried out on traditional media, is a practice now usual and very well accepted by the consumers.

White Paper advertising campaign

Advertising SMS through 5 action cards

Our free downloadable white paper "Advertising SMS through 5 action sheets" will help you discover all the possibilities offered by advertising SMS for mobile prospecting.


Send SMS promotional campaigns with smsmode©

To broadcast your promotions by SMS, smsmode© provides you with tools and services that enable you to manage your marketing and advertising campaigns in the most effective way and thus achieve :

  • sending qualitative SMS promotions: Indeed, our online SMS sending platform provides access to all the professional features for managing advertising and marketing SMS campaigns. Easy to use and intuitive, the creation of a customer account is free and without obligation; you can manage your campaigns independently and completely:
    • your address book: import & export of contacts, creation of groups, automatic management of unsubscriptions, etc,
    • SMS templates,
    • sending instant or delayedSMS campaigns,
    • consultation of statistical reports to measure the real impact of your SMS campaign.


  • sending rich messages with the creation of a mobile landing page: insert a short link to a mobile web page in your SMS promotion, a real extension of your SMS message, allowing you to communicate with unlimited multimedia content (text, images, google map, callback button, contact form, etc.). With SMS 2.0, you are guaranteed to interact with your contact base and improve the user experience around your SMS promotion!
  • the creation of advanced SMS applications: we provide you with our HTTP and Mail APIs as well as the SMS reception service allowing you to create personalised and complex promotional message sending scenarios: automatic promotion sending by SMS in relation to the customer journey made on your application or your e-commerce site, automatic management of subscriptions/unsubscriptions to a promotional offer mailing list (opt-in offer), etc. Our team is thus at your disposal to work with you to imagine the most relevant scenario for the strategy you wish to adopt.

SMS Promotion Sending Services

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Our sales and technical teams are at your disposal to answer all your questions about the SMS marketing and to help you to set up the SMS marketing solution most adapted to your problem.