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Send SMS in France and abroad
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An adapted solution to carry out your SMS campaigns anywhere in the world

Do you want to send SMS messages in France or abroad in large quantities and with professional quality? sMsmode, a long-standing player in the field of sending SMS messages and specialising in sending these messages via an internet platform, enables you to send SMS messages in France, but also abroad to more than 160 destinations. You can thus carry out your communication campaigns on mobile phones in a simple, fast and effective way, at very attractive prices!

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us, our specialists will answer your questions in order to find the solution best suited to your needs.

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Our international rates in detail...

Choose the formula that suits you best forsending SMS in France and abroad

In order to enable you tosend your SMS in very large numbers, we provide you with several solutions. Thanks to our self-service online SMS sending platform, you can send your SMS messages in direct mode with maximum quality, whether in France or internationally.

We also offer you the possibility to connect your own website or web application directly to our texting service through our HTTP API.

These two services offer the possibility to send a whole range of products: SMS Pro, SMS answer, SMS voice or reception SMS, suitable for each of your needs. Ask one of our collaborators to choose the most suitable solution!