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Examples and case studies of using the SMS sending made by some of our 10 000 customers, start-up or international groups.


Sufragium offers an innovative, turnkey, participatory 2.0 tool made in Spain.

This solution for creating digital communities is specially designed for companies, organisations (owners' unions, property managers, professional organisations, associations, etc.) and public institutions (municipalities, county councils, etc.). It allows them to connect with their communities, to involve them more actively in the decisions that concern them and to listen to their opinions and suggestions.

These communities can freely participate in votes and surveys directly from the mobile application. The aim is to improve the connection of stakeholders with their communities of customers, employees, constituents, etc., and to obtain segmented and relevant information in real time which then helps them in their decision-making and in proposing concrete actions.

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Identity verification to legitimise opinions and guarantee the objectivity of surveys and votes

The Sufragium application guarantees both the confidentiality of each participant and the verification of their identity. It thus ensures the transparency, traceability, quality and legitimacy of the opinions collected. For this purpose, Sufragium has based its entire solution on security via cryptographic technology.

Indeed, the authentication of participants is ensured by the "SMS OTP" brick, which is easy to use, simple, fast and inexpensive. A one-time password (OTP) is randomly generated and then sent by SMS so that the identity verification phase can then be carried out and finalised by the participant.
SMS remains the most efficient channel for this authentication process compared to other solutions (email in particular).

This added value is the foundation of the Sufragium application, which aims to become the world's largest platform for creating valuable digital communities.