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June 12, 2024 - 3 min read

SMS text messaging for political parties

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Romain Didelot

sending SMS for political campaigns

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Are you a candidate or member of a political party looking for an effective method of communication during an election? Then SMS may be the ideal solution for you!

The use of SMS in the context of a political campaign is an approach that enables you to share your message, your program and your invitations to vote quickly and in a targeted way. It can be used for any type of election - European, legislative, presidential or regional. SMS offers a unique opportunity to boost your support base, persuade the undecided and increase voter turnout.

⚠️ Please note, however, that there are specific rules in each country for this type of message.

Follow our guide to effectively deploy SMS for your political campaign, discover the best practices to adopt and make SMS a major asset for the election.

The strategic importance of SMS in a political campaign

SMS has a number of advantages when it comes to taking a stand in elections. Let's find out why SMS is revolutionizing mobilization.


During the European elections in June 2024, operators received numerous complaints about receiving unsolicited A2P SMS messages.

For the upcoming elections, aggregators such as smsmode© must therefore provide a declaration form for requests referring to political leaders or parties.

Immediacy and reach

SMS offers you the ability to transmit information immediately to any mobile, without the need for an Internet connection or dedicated application. As a result, they reach a wide audience and boast an impressive 95% open rate, ensuring wide visibility for messages sent.

Personalization and commitment

Sending SMS during elections is subject to the rules of SMS marketing. SMS offers the candidates on your list a deeply personalized and engaging communication channel. Thanks to targeted messages, using elements such as the recipients' first name or locality, it creates a sense of proximity and trust. This approach encourages interaction in marketing, whether by replying to a message, clicking on a link, or visiting a website. For elections, this strategy will reinforce voter engagement and participation.

SMS versus other communication channels

SMS offers a unique blend of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It far surpasses e-mail in terms of open rate, the latter peaking at around 20% and being frequently sent as spam.

It is also a more affordable solution than telephone calls, which require a greater investment in time and human resources.

Finally, in the face of leafleting, often perceived as intrusive or polluting, and billposting, regularly neglected or vandalized, SMS demonstrates a capacity for innovation in political engagement.

How to effectively integrate SMS into your campaign strategy

Effective integration of SMS marketing for elections requires a certain finesse and knowledge of the rules. It's not simply a question of sending out massive numbers of messages, but rather of following principles and best practices to maximize impact and avoid missteps.

Build a legal contact database

To begin with, it's crucial to create a database of consenting, qualified contacts. Sending SMS without prior consent can lead to sanctions by the CNIL in France.
It's essential to obtain the consent of voters (Opt-in), whether via your website, social networks, events or field interventions. Always offer the possibility of unsubscribing easily, by adding the "STOP" option to your SMS messages.

💡 Another good practice is to make a "double opt-in" by sending a first SMS to warn that a political communication is going to be sent and offer the possibility of not receiving it by sending STOP.

Create relevant and captivating messages

Write text messages that speak to your audience, in line with your objective and the image you want to convey of your list and your candidates. Adapt your tone, vocabulary and content to the profile of your voters. Be direct, concise and engaging, using simple wording, figures, questions and calls to action.

Personalizing SMS messages (name, city, etc.) can considerably increase impact. Don't hesitate to include links to your website, social networks or video content to enrich your message.

Plan SMS dispatch for maximum impact

Choosing the ideal time to send your SMS messages is essential. Select a period when your messages are most likely to be read and appreciated, taking into account the recipient's availability, state of mind, proximity to elections and current events. Make sure you manage the frequency and volume of your messages to avoid tiring or irritating recipients.

Use planning and segmentation tools to fine-tune your SMS campaigns and increase their effectiveness.

Measure effectiveness and adjust strategy in real time

Regularly evaluate the reach and impact of your mailings by analyzing key indicators(SMS KPIs) such as open, click, response, unsubscribe and conversion rates.

Take advantage of the SMS response option to gather feedback from voters on their perception, satisfaction or voting intention. Then adapt your approach based on this feedback to continually optimize your strategy.

Discover SMS response
SMS response

Mistakes to avoid when sending political SMS messages

Despite their effectiveness, SMS messages can become counter-productive if not used wisely. Here's what to avoid:

smsmode© supports you at every stage of your election communication strategy


Now that you've discovered why SMS is an asset in your election communications arsenal, learned how to integrate it strategically and the best practices to adopt, it's time to put SMS to work for your election campaign. Don't hesitate to contact us for personalized support and a proposal tailored precisely to your needs.

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