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Send SMS Pro with online tools from smsmode©️


To inform your customers of your company's promotional offers, or simply to let them know about the availability of a new product or service, the smsmode©️ platform offers you the opportunity tosend professional SMS messages at ultra-competitive rates, for effective service and marketing returns .


Why choose SMS as a means of communication?

SMS is one of the few means of communication that can effectively reach a large target of recipients in a personal way. Indeed, the vast majority of people currently have a cell phone and SMS is natively available for the entire mobile fleet. Moreover, the SMS Pro has an incredible opening rate and a record conversion rate! Indeed, more than 95% of the messages received by SMS are read by their recipient, and this on average within 4 minutes of reception.

It is therefore a particularly effective way to distribute and communicate information compared to e-mailing for example. More and more companies choose to integrate SMS in their communication plan. Whatever the sector, each business finds an interest in sending SMS pro thanks to the variety of uses offered by this communication channel:

  • A marketing campaign.
  • A way to keep in touch with buyers and build customer loyalty.
  • An opportunity to appointment reminder that can divide the no-show by 4.
  • A device allowing to alert by SMS the people registered on a mailing list.
  • ...

The sending of SMS Pro can finally meet so many possible needs that some of them are still in danger of being invented. Needs that are satisfied, thanks to very high performances.

A powerful message

Because the limitation of the SMS to 160 characters of the SMS requires to have a simple and concise message

Maximum deliverability

With a mobile phone equipment rate of nearly 100%

Effective campaigns

With an SMS marketing reading rate of 97% and a click rate between 6% and 16%

A popular media

By 85% of people who wish to receive useful information via SMS

A instant communication

The SMS is usually read between 1 MN and 4 minutes after its reception

Interactive media

That allows you to integrate SMS marketing into a multi-channel mobile strategy

The smsmode©️ platform, to send professional SMS

The smsmode©️ platform allows you tosend pro SMS from its interface or through its API. Indeed, as a service provider specialized in mobile messaging since our creation in 2004, our platform offers you in particular the possibility tosend SMS pro individually or in mass.

With our wide range of SMS solutions, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The low-cost solution offers you ultra-competitive rates, as it allows you tosend messages to many recipients at a lower cost. The professional formula, on the other hand, is more suitable if you wish to write a longer text, insert a personalised sender and, above all, benefit from an optimum sending quality and reception reports.

To do this, you will have a user account on which you can manage the content of your messages, the list of recipients, and even schedule them to be sent at the time of your choice. Moreover, as far as rates are concerned, with smsmode©️, for send SMS proyou benefit from a really competitive cost. In particular, you have a wide range of prices with decreasing unit costs according to the number of SMS that you intend to send.




0.0312 € HT/SMS
  • Subscription from €9 excl. VAT per month




0.0450 € HT/SMS
  • No commitment, nor fixed fees


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