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The fake DLR or fake delivery receipts 


For some years now, the mobile messaging industry has faced a major challenge posed by the increase in fake DLRs. Fake delivery receipts are particularly difficult to detect and sometimes almost impossible to eradicate. There are two main sources of fake delivery receipts:

  • mobile network operators,
  • SMS aggregators.

At smsmode,we are more determined than ever to provide you withhighly reliable service .Discover the solutions our teams have put in place to effectively mitigate these risks .

What is a fake DLR?

Fake for fake, DLR for delivery receipt. The fake DLR is a fake delivery receipt claiming that your SMS has been delivered when in fact the operator or aggregator has rejected the message. In other words, it is a deception of the delivery status of your SMS.

The delivery receipt is a key source of information for the sender source of information for the sender on the status of the SMS s, so it is crucial for us to ensure the reliability of our routes.


What is the origin of this risk?

Some aggregatorsSome aggregators, attracted by the lure of profit and the idea of making a 100% profit, do not hesitate to generate fake DLR .

Mobile network operators may also generate fake DL Rs in order toprevent unwanted traffic from being delivered via ss7 grey routes from other mobile network operators. There are various variables used by operators to filter incoming traffic and generate fake DLRs. The filter can be based onSender ID type, specific Sender ID or bulks .

How are the fake DLR generated?

Sending and receiving an SMS seems like child's play. However, before it reaches its destination the short message service passes through many intermediaries. Each route that an SMS takes depends on different factors.

The basic diagram is as follows:


Almost all SMS messages generate two DLR s: a delivery receipt and a delivery report. The delivery receipt indicates whether the message is accepted or rejected. The delivery report indicates whether the message was sent or failed and the reasons for the failure.

These SMS status changes are crucial, especially when sending large campaigns. The DLR also provides valuable information about the route your SMS messages are taking, the time of delivery, whether they are queued, whether they have not yet arrived.

What consequences does this fake DLR have on our activities?

For you?

Your traffic can be disrupted by fake DLRs. Indeed, these fictitious acknowledgements of receipt seriously affect the real performance of your SMS campaigns . Without them,it is impossible togauge the quality and effectiveness of your mailings.


For us, SMS solution provider?

You simply lose confidence in our services! This is unthinkable for a company that wants to build a relationship with its customers based on reliability. That's why smsmode takes these issues very seriously, and wants to reassure you of the quality of its solutions.

The solutions proposed by smsmode to combat fake DLR

Our team of professionals sets up a solution for verifying the performance of SMS shipments worldwide. The objective is to measure and evaluate by monitoring tools the quality of our French and international shipments.


Setting up
  • From a local phone number in the countries connected to our system to measure the actual performance and technical characteristics of the shipments.
  •  From a system of road monitoring with automatic rocking on back-up roads in case of detection of a performance decrease based on big data.


smsmode 's vision is fueled by the need to meet the demands of the industry in order to serve our main ambition: to become a world-class supplier.

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