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Reach all your contacts with bulk SMS

Send an offer to a large number of recipients with bulk SMS. This type of mass marketing enables professionals to quickly and efficiently distribute their commercial offers or information to the cell phones of all their customers.


An SMS campaign campaign in just a few clicks

The introduction of a bulk SMS campaign can be done quickly, easily and cost-effectively with the smsmode©. As a long-standing player in the professional SMS market since 2004 and a specialist in mobile SMS communication, our platform offers you tailored, effective solutions for sending SMS marketing messages to as many customers as you wish.

The benefits of bulk SMS

No recipient limit

Reach all your recipients in one communication. There's no limit to the number of times you cansend a group SMS, or to the number of contacts your message is sent to. The deliverability of your bulk SMS and degressive message rates.

Group segmentation

Manage your contact book without any restrictions.Import as many numbers and create as many groups as you like. Send bulk SMS campaigns from our application to one or more groups by simply selecting them.   

Intuitive application

Send your SMS marketing campaign in just a few clicks, regardless of the number of recipients of your message. Import the number, compose the message, set the sender parameters, choose the recipients - your message is sent quickly and easily.

Target as many contacts as you want

Benefit from a complete service to manage a large number of mailings with ease. Benefit from advanced features for targeted communication. 

Complete address book management

Import your customer lists directly from an Excel or CSV file, then manage your directory and groups online from our platform. This easy-to-use contact management allows you to carry out targeted group SMS campaigns based on your segmentation.

Automatic cleaning

When importing a group or list, or sending an SMS campaign, our system automatically detects duplicates and removes them from your group. The same process applies when sending group SMS messages: duplicate customer numbers are eliminated before your communication is sent. This ensures that you only send one message to each of your contacts. Unsubscribed customers are also automatically deleted. 

Precise reception reports

Track your SMS mass mailings in real time and access global statistics for your marketing campaign (reception rates, clicks, etc.), as well as detailed statistics for each SMS sent in numbers (statuses).

Reduced rates

Take advantage of sliding-scale rates based on the volume of SMS sent, and benefit from ultra-competitive rates for your mass communications.

Efficient channel

SMS messaging has a read rate of between 95 and 97%. Unlike email, SMS messages are rarely deleted or put aside without being read. It is estimated that an SMS is read within 4 minutes of receipt.

Send grouped messages from your favorite tool

smsmode© offers a range of services and solutions for sending bulk SMS messages over the Internet to meet the objectives of all SMS marketing applications.

SaaS Platform

Produce mass SMS campaigns with complete autonomy. Our no-obligation platform offers you a wide range of functions: group management, send programming, sender personalization, reception statistics, response management, automations...

HTTPs and Mail APIs

Quickly integrate bulk SMS into your application, website or mailbox. APIs make SMS an additional feature of the application you use every day. You'll be able to send and receive SMS directly in your environment.

SMS plugins

Integrate SMS sending into your tools. smsmode© has developed connectors and webhooks compatible with numerous CRM and ERP systems, as well as a Zapier plugin to integrate SMS with over 9000 tools and applications, without a single line of code. Add SMS to your workflows in 3 clicks.

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