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smsmode© proposes an HTTP API which allows to replace the Orange API. It has the advantage of being without subscription and thus to send SMS for free (only the cost of the sent SMS is charged). This HTTP API, equivalent in all points to its counterpart the Orange API, proposes the same web services and the same functionalities of sending SMS by Internet easily integrated from a web site or an application.

Powerful, very simple and without restriction of use, our cloud service "free Orange API" allows the automated sending and receiving of SMS marketing or SMS notification, for professional or inter-personal shipments with global coverage.


Free Orange API DocumentationDetailed documentation

The documentation provided is complete and free of charge and allows a simple, quick and step-by-step integration of our SMS gateway to our mobile messaging services.

Maximum security for automated SMS sentMaximum security

Hosted in France, in a level 4 data-center, and based on an encrypted and secure data transfer protocol, our SMS APIs guarantee you maximum security.

High Availability dedicated InfrastructureContinuous service

Our dedicated, high-availability infrastructure handles more than 1 million requests per day and is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Support Team at your disposalTechnical support

Our dedicated team of developers is available to help you integrate our API and web services, or to answer your questions.

The SMS API for automated SMS sending

Sending automatic messages with the free Orange API

  • Quick and easy integration of automated SMS campaign sending and SMS response into systems and applications.
  • a service that has been widely approved since our company, with more than 13 years of experience, is a historical and unavoidable player in SMS communication in France. To its credit, it has a wide range of skills in mobile marketing: premium SMS or professional SMS, mass or individual SMS sending, opt-in service, reception service, white label interface, etc.
  • Compatibility with the most common programming languages (PHP, Java, ASP, C++, Ruby, WINDEV, etc.) for use with all applications and software solutions.
  • simple HTTP requests allowing the management of complete functionalities: immediate or scheduled sending of SMS, deletion of SMS, history of SMS, retrieval of statistics and acknowledgements of receipt (including the opening rate), addition of contact, automatic notification, etc.


A free, simple and fast installation
  • The use of the service " API Orange Free of smsmode© " is free and without commitment. A registration on our professional SMS platform is nevertheless necessary in order to allow your customer account to be credited by credit card or direct debit (cost of consumption). Indeed, if the installation of the API is free, only the consumptions (cost of sending SMS) will be invoiced to you and the applied rate will depend on the type of chosen SMS (SMS pro, vocal SMS or SMS unicode) and its destination.
  • Our HTTP API is accompanied by a complete and free documentation detailing all the requests with the description of the mandatory and optional parameters to allow each developer a step by step integration.
  • Our HTTP SMS API is compatible with all programming languages (PHP, JavaScript, Java, .NET, C/C++, C#, Ruby, Python, WinDev, etc.) capable of making HTTP GET and POST requests.

Installing and integrating our SMS API

If you wish to migrate from the Orange API to our SMS sending API and thus carry out bulk SMS sending via sMsmode, contact one of our developers on 04 91 05 64 61.
The process to migrate to the Orange API Free of sMsmode is extremely simple and requires the change of only two parameters to be integrated into your implementation.


Contact Automated SMS Sending platform

Our team advises you...

Our sales team, our technical support or our developers are at your disposal to give you more information about the realization of campaign SMS marketing with our module "Orange API free" or to provide you with help and support Free to the integration of our SMS API.