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By spending more than 65 000 hours of his life at the office or at the factory, companies and organizations sometimes forget how much the communication strategy within a company, between its employees and employees, is an asset. To facilitate the collective action of the different teams, to better enforce the decisions, to federate around a project, values and corporate culture, to create a "good atmosphere", etc.; These are the objectives of internal communication.


95% of SMS messages are read!This is the percentage of recipients
Who will read your message!

The SMS has a reading rate of about 95% and many advantages in the face of email or traditional telephone revival. With the SMS, you have the certainty that your message will be received and read by the majority of your recipients and this in real time!

SMS for internal communication read within 4 minutesThis is the average time
To open an SMS!

This proven snapshot makes the SMS a medium ofimmediacy and proximity, and particularly suited to personal communications. Maintain a direct and quasi-instantaneous relationship with your staff through the SMS.

Create direct mail in a few clicksManage the dissemination of information
In a few clicks!

regardless of the number of recipients in your message, the setup of your SMS campaign is done in just a few clicks! Message Composition, possible setting of the sender, choice of recipients, your message is ready to be sent.


Examples of internal communication made by SMS

  • plan and manage schedules in a digital way: Send client schedules to your employees, their mission orders in the form of SMS alerts, receive confirmation of interventions, etc. Sending SMS makes it possible to communicate easily and in a personal way with its staff on the move or from different services: it is a means of communication and an asset of size to organize efficiently the calendars and schedules and save time On these tasks.
  • Recalling meetings: the SMS is a very suitable medium to recall a meeting a few days before (notably by mentioning the place and the timetables); This small reminder sting on their mobile phone number, always welcome, allows to lighten the loads of organization while remaining very effective.
  • communicating with its nomadic employees: to communicate with your sales teams on the road or drivers on the move, SMS messages are the ideal solution to communicate with your employees off-site and network of commercial directly on their mobile.
  • send HR messages: In addition to the use of professional social networks and your website or corporate blog, send information on the company's life, on job offers in-house recruitment, on sending Report or press release, on inquiries and requests for advice, on a crisis management message, etc.; The SMS channel is proving to be a particularly adapted and simple communication tool for human resources services.
Make your internal communications by SMS

smsmodeĀ© provides you with communication tools and SMS marketing services that allow you to send your SMS information to your staff easily and with a few clicks:

  • an online SMS-sending platform accessible from our website and equipped with a set of professional features for the complete autonomy of your SMS shipments made immediately or on the desired date, whether Unit shipments or sent to a contact group. You also have the option of choosing from our range of SMS (SMS, TTS and Unicode SMS) the solution best suited to your needs.
  • the SMS Answer: free option and no extra cost included in the SMS Pro offer, the recipients of your SMS messages have the possibility to respond to your communications. Ideal for sending invitations and other messages for which you are waiting for a reply or confirmation of presence!
  • the HTTP API: thanks to the SMS API, you can integrate the automatic SMS sending feature directly linked to your database from software, intranet, extranet, etc. Sending and receiving SMS can be triggered directly for internal communication needs defined in your business solution.

Tools and services for sending SMS to internal communication

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Our commercial and technical teams are at your disposal to answer all your questions about the SMS in the internal communication and to take advantage of the recommendations of implementation of our turnkey solution of SMS shipments! Feel free to contact one of our collaborators, our goal is the success of your project!