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An SMS Web service allows you to communicate and exchange data between heterogeneous applications and systems in order to administer mobile communication from a remote server and create a business intelligence system. This procedure call protocol is usually between the end user who must send/Receive SMS and a Short Message Service Center (SMSC) mobile network.

A SMS Web service is usually in the form of an SMS gateway that, thanks to HTTP requests and codes, can manage a set of SMS sending and receiving features, via an Internet protocol, without human intervention and In a synchronous manner.

Discover all the possibilities and features offered by an SMS web service.


Quick and easy integrationQuick and easy integration

Compatible with all programming languages with HTTP GET and POST requests, the complete and free documentation allows a simple, fast and step by step integration.

Maximum securityMaximum security

Hosted in France, in a level 4 data-center, our SMS API guarantees maximum security via authentication using HTTPs.

Dedicated infrastructureContinuous service

Our dedicated, high-availability infrastructure is continuously monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Technical supportTechnical support at your disposal

Our dedicated team of developers is available to help you integrate our APIs or answer your questions.

The advantages and benefits of our SMS Web service

Created in 2004 and specializes in SMS and Web service SMS solutions for business, the smsmode© platform makes available to its customers a dedicated, simple to use and intuitive interface to send SMS en masse, promotional offers, SMS fidelity Programs, etc. As part of mobile marketing strategy.

Examples of mobile messages sent from a SMS Web service

By using our Web applications, you will benefit from:

  • A powerful software platform: to simplify the integration and development of functionalities for sending SMS and thanks to our SMS API, the use of broad and complete attributes allows you to have complete control over the sending of SMS (management of address books, date of sending of the campaign, type of SMS sent, acknowledgement of receipt, management of responses, personalisation of senders, etc.).
  • A high availability infrastructure: certified operator, smsmode has equipped its SMS Gateway with a direct en-route connection with mobile operators in France, in the French overseas departments and territories and abroad. Thanks to these robust and redundant interconnections (more than one million requests are processed daily by our bulk SMS services), you will be able to send SMS via the Internet to more than 500 networks worldwide while benefiting from maximum deliverability.
  • An SLA (Service Level Agreement) of more than 99.95% availability: with automatic switching and thanks to the selected operators and the quality of the SMS routing, our SMS sending solutions and cloud services guarantee the delivery of messages, the monitoring of the entire routing process via status codes and real-time notifications, and the management of traffic peaks as well as possible failures.

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A mobile messaging service optimum

With free integration that induces neither initial fees nor subscription, our HTTP API is self-service and only the cost of the SMS sent will be charged to you according to the destination and the type of SMS chosen. To access it, simply create a free user account.

Find below the features of our SMS API.

  • Compatibility with the most common programming languages (PHP, Java, ASP, C++, Ruby, WINDEV, etc.): this means that you can very quickly and easily integrate the sending and receiving of text messages into your application and software solution via a cloud computing solution
  • increased attention to the confidentiality and security of our customer file: based on an HTTP authentication protocol guaranteeing data security, we also undertake, in accordance with our commitment to the CNIL, not to divulge or re-use for commercial purposes the personal data transiting through our online interface.
  • solutions adapted to your different needs: sending bulk SMS messages or personalised and individual SMS messages, automated sending, scheduled sending, etc., sMsmode offers a wide range of SMS web services and different ranges of SMS messages all accessible via the SMS sending APIs (SMS pro, SMS reply, international SMS, voice SMS, Unicode SMS, two-factor authentication via SMS with OTP - One Time Password, etc.).
  • A complete and free documentation of our SMS web service: detailing all the requests, the description of the mandatory and optional parameters allows each developer to integrate step by step. In addition, our customer support services are available to help you use our products and services and to help you manage all the requests for sending and receiving SMS. You will be able to manage the number of SMS to be sent, the list of recipients and the content of the messages.


The advantages of a professional SMS sending platform

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Our team advises you...

Our technical support and our account managers are at your disposal to answer all your questions about the use of our Web service SMS and our SMS Gateway or to give you free help and support to its integration. Our sales team or our developer technicians are at your disposal!