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Sending SMS via PC and via computer is a widespread practice for professionals in order to carry out their advertising or informative campaign via the sending of an SMS. Comparable to the online mailing software, the principle of sending and receiving SMS software from your PC such as that of smsmode©, proves to be an indispensable tool for any marketer and professional.

Zoom in on the possibilities and benefits offered by sending SMS PC...


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The use of our services to send SMS PC is without obligation and without subscription. When registering, you will receive 20 free credits to test our online SMS campaign service!

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Our SMS PC Campaign management tool is available via an online platform, accessible at any time andanywhere, and where you are, from a computer (PC or MAC), tablet, mobile, etc.

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Protected and secure

In accordance with the agreement with the GDPR, all your data imported on our online SMS-sending services remain confidential ; Also, we guarantee the non-use of the contact Files by third parties.

The different applications of the SMS PC

Via our SaaS platform accessible from a Web browser and a simple Internet connection, you have different possibilities to use all the potential of sending and receiving text messages from a computer.

Examples of mobile messages sent from a computer

Discover some cases of applications of SMS campaigns via PC to integrate in a simple way in your mobile communication strategy:

  • The realization of advertising campaign on mobile: make your SMS messages in number from your computer and personally target your contact base with promotions, private sales, day events, etc.
  • sending personalized messages for appointment reminders or order confirmations: now widely adopted by the various market players especially in France, the SMS proves to be of a proven efficacy for this type Application and can be sent automatically from an appointment-making software or from Google calendar!
  • the broadcast of automatic notification and alert messages: disturbance, breakdown or risk information, System alert or weather alert, etc., alert a person or group of people directly to their number Mobile phone in the form of a text message!

White Paper Good Practices SMS

10 good practices to carry out an SMS campaign... and succeed!

We have compiled in a white paper, the main good practices to adopt to succeed your first SMS campaign carried out from your PC. Free download, this white paper "10 good practices to carry out an SMS campaign... and succeed" brings together many tips for your next mobile marketing campaigns via SMS.


The SMS from PC with SMsmode

Mobile marketing provider Since 2004, SMsmode offers SMS cloud services to send SMS PC. Thus, the function of sending SMS on mobiles is directly accessible to you from your computer, your PC, your tablet just like from your smartphone, thanks to our platform accessible online, our APIs or our service Mail to SMS (routing of SMS since sending a mail from a Google e-mail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.).

By using our services, you benefit from many advantages:

  • intuitive, easy-to-use and flexible solutions: sending SMS via PC allows you to enjoy the comfort of a computer keyboard and a convenient, intuitive interface to the simple and complete use to carry out SMS campaigns to Ultra-competitive rates. In a few minutes, you can forward and manage your SMS sending from your customer space as well as receive your SMS.
  • a business application reference for the realization of SMS campaigns: Our global solution offers all the professional features for the realization of SMS PC campaigns. Any professional, without prior knowledge required, you can:
    • Carry out deferred shipments by simply programming the time and date of routing,
    • Create, import and manage your contact lists for mass mailings with a single click from your PC,
    • Follow the campaigns with the status of the acknowledgment of your SMS unit or group sending,
    • Manage, view and simply reload your personal SMS-sending account.
  • a solution to the costs mastered: Sending SMS PC allows you to benefit from cost to send very competitive SMS through a service without subscription, without commitment and self-service. In addition, an SMS PC campaign ensures a significant return on investment; Indeed, the SMS media displays very good reading rates (around 95%) guaranteeing a significant visibility and efficiency.


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Our sales and technical teams are at your disposal to answer all your questions about the SMS PC and to take advantage of the advice of setting up your SMS mailings. The try is to adopt it!