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The method of sending multiple SMS on mobile phones is a simple and effective solution for anyone who wants to reach a wide range of recipients on their mobile number.


So many SMS contactsSo many recipients
You wish!

There is no limit to the number of bulk SMS messages sent or to the number of contacts you wish to send your message to. The quantity of messages sent has no influence on the deliverability of your bulk SMS!

Send SMS to contact groupsSo many groups
You desire!

Manage your contact book without any restrictions: import as many contacts as you want, create as many groups of contacts as you want... In other words, you have no restrictions in using our bulk SMS services.

SMS campaign in a few clicksManage the spread of your
Message in a few clicks!

Whatever the number of recipients of your message, the configuration of your campaign is done in just a few clicks! Composition of the message, possible settings for the sender, choice of recipients, your message is ready to be sent.

Send multiple SMS
to your multiple contact list in a qualitative way!

Examples of sending multiple SMS campaigns

  • a powerful marketing app: via our SMS sending software, you have at your disposal all the functionalities necessary for the realization and management of your SMS campaigns. Our software offers you the possibility to enter a list of contacts with their mobile phone numbers and to send a standard message to several people via text message. 0ur software allows you to upload as many contacts as you wish to the administration area, thanks to a simple excel or csv file.
  • Simplified implementation of "send multiple SMS" campaigns: the preparation of the campaign message is done in a few clicks and instantly. It can also be done in advance and the grouped sending can be programmed with a precise time and day.
  • advanced features: you can personalise messages with "name", "first name" or a personalised sender so that when the recipient receives your text message, they really feel concerned. Global statistics of your campaign and rich and detailed statistics of each SMS in number sent are provided.
  • a channel adapted to each company's needs: whether for external or internal communication, the system for sending multiple SMS for business purposes can be used to inform and retain customers or to send multiple SMS to follow up on unpaid invoices or renew a subscription.
  • very economical communication: SMS remains the most competitive medium in the communication market. Moreover, for people and companies who wish to send multiple SMS messages regularly, we offer degressive rates for large numbers of messages. You will thus benefit from the best rate for your multiple SMS sending series.
Want to send multiple SMS?

Specialized in thesending of SMS by internet, the company smsmode© puts at the disposal of the professionals a platform of sending of SMS in self-service. You have the choice between different solutions and different products of mobile messages, adapted to each of your needs.

  • a SaaS platform for sending SMS using proprietary technology and compatible with Windows or Mac. This web interface enables you to carry out mass SMS campaigns independently and allows you to send Pro SMS, Reply SMS and Voice SMS to operators in France and around the world on high-quality channels. Whatever the range of SMS chosen to send multiple SMS, you will benefit from ultra-competitive rates.
  • HTTP and Mail APIs that allow you to send multiple SMS automatically via the web from your website, your application or from your email box. These interfaces have been designed to be as complete as possible and as easy to use as possible.
  • advanced SMS solutions that enable you to enrich this customer relations channel, to ensure the success of your advertising campaigns by reaching a target of several recipients on their telephone, with the possibility of deploying high value-added mobile services that are increasingly interactive: receipt of SMS messages, automatic registration and unsubscription service by SMS, etc.

Services to send multiple SMS

White Paper advertising campaign WHITE PAPER

Advertising SMS through 5 action cards

Download our white paper "Advertising SMS through 5 action sheets" for free and discover all the possibilities offered by advertising SMS to carry out a prospection on mobile.


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Our commercial and technical teams are at your disposal to answer all your questions about collective marketing operations by SMS and to benefit from the advice of setting up your SMS mailings! Feel free to contact one of our collaborators, our goal is the success of your marketing operation!