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SMS Advertising or SMS marketing is a practice of using SMS as part of commercial or marketing objectives. Having to comply with a strict legislative framework, in particular the obligation to opt-in and the presence of STOP SMS in the message, it is a privileged tool for companies wishing to communicate quickly to a particular target.

Media that allows to reach all categories of targets directly on their mobile, the SMS is endowed with relevance for the diffusion of advertising on mobile. Not subject to spam or format incompatibilities, SMS advertising, attractive and interactive, indeed allows to target a wide audience on mobile and to provide advertisers with additional marketing opportunities and complementary to the media Traditional.


4.5 Euro centsThis is the shipping price
of an SMS Pub message!

An extremely economical communication channel , SMS advertising costs up to 10 times less than a marketing marketing campaign (print advertising, telephone reminder, etc.). Take advantage of an ultra-attractive ROI for your direct marketing campaigns by usingSMS push for your advertisements.

Reading rate of 95%This is the reading rate
of a SMS marketing campaign!

SMS advertising Benefits from a reading rate of about 95% and many advantages in the face of traditional mailing or marketing. With an SMS service, you have the certainty that your SMS campaign will be received and read by the majority of your recipients!

Time to receive 4minThis is the average time
To open an SMS!

This proven snapshot makes the SMS a medium of immediacy and proximity, especially suited to nomadic communications. Maintain a direct and quasi-instantaneous relationship with your customers with SMS advertising.

Solutions for successful advertising with SMS advertising

Making an SMS ad is faster, simpler and more economical than a traditional media (direct mail, poster campaign, etc.). SMS advertising turns out to be one of the most effective media to reach its commercial target at all times and everywhere. In addition, any SMS advertising campaign and the sending of SMS via the Internet allows:

Send an SMS advertisement

  • set up autonomously advertising campaigns SMS: thanks to our SMS mailing tools, you have the possibility to fully manage all the parameters of sending SMS and advertising messages by SMS (message, date of sending, header Custom Su SMS, etc.). Address Book management also includes all the management features of your mailing list and client/prospect files (import, auto-unsubscribe at client's request, etc.).
  • have a follow-up of your real-time advertising: thanks to the statistical reports provided including the detailed opening and receiving rates, you will see in real time the performance of the bulk SMS sending and Your SMS advertising to measure the impact of your mobile marketing operation by SMS.
  • Establish bi-directional communication: You can give your recipients the opportunity to respond to your messages in order to establish a dialogue with each of your clients. The setting up of an SMS reception service allows in a simple and direct way the realization of direct marketing operations on mobile through a SMS advertisement, and thus to retain its customers.

White Paper advertising campaign

Advertising SMS through 5 action cards

Download free of charge, our white paper "SMS advertising through 5 action cards" will let you discover all the possibilities offered by the advertising SMS to carry out a prospecting on mobile.


Create an SMS advertising campaign with smsmode©

To broadcast your promotions via SMS, smsmode© provides you with professional SMS tools and services that enable you to manage your SMS advertising marketing campaigns in a sharp way and to realise:

  • Sending quality SMS advertising: Indeed, our online SMS sending platform provides access to all the advanced features of SMS advertising campaign management and SMS marketing. Easy to use, intuitive, free and uncommitted, our Internet texting tool provides you with the ability to manage completely and independently:
    • Address Books: Import & export of contacts, creation of groups, automatic management of Unsubscribes, etc.,
    • the SMS templates,
    • sending SMS advertising campaigns in instant or offline,
    • Consultation of statistical reports to measure the real impact of your SMS advertising campaign.


  • sending rich message with the creation of landing page Mobile: insert a short link in your SMS to a mobile Web page, True extension of your SMS message allowing to communicate around unlimited content and multimedia (texts, Images, GoogleMap card, reminder button, contact form, etc.). With the SMS 2.0, you are guaranteed to be able to interact with your contact base and improve the impact of your SMS advertising!
  • The realization of advanced SMS applications: we put at your disposal our SMS APIs (HTTP and Mail) as well as the reception service of SMS allowing you to concretize scenarios for sending personalized and complex promotional messages: Automatic SMS advertising in connection with the customer path of an application or an e-commerce site, automatic management of inscriptions/Deregistrations to a promotional offer mailing list (Opt'in offer), etc. Imagine with our team the most relevant scenario for the SMS marketing strategy that you want to adopt.

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