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How to use the potential of SMS A2P (Application to Person)?

In a process of digitalisation of customer relations, mobile communication is ideal for creating a link between your application and your customers. In this context, A2P SMS (Application to Person) is a very efficient practice and is widely used in the professional environment in both BtoC (Business to Consumer) and BtoB (Business to Business).

Back on the SMS A2P in 4 questions...

What is the difference between P2P and A2P SMS?

P2P (Person to person) SMS is a message sent directly from one person to another without any intermediary. It is generally used for inter-personal communications. Sent as a single message or in very small volumes, this type of SMS is rarely used in the business world and is often considered to be losing ground to the rise of messaging services such as Snapchat, Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.

The A2P SMS is sent by an application to a person. These are thereforeapplications used by companies to send messages directly to users on their mobiles. A2P SMS can be sent in very large volumes, or as individual messages personalised to an event, an action, a pre-established scenario, etc.

What advantages to using the SMS A2P?

By using professional SMS, you engage in a digital communication that aims to create a real link between your customers and your brand.

The SMS is indeed the most effective way to capture the attention of recipients and reinforce and improve your company's communication. With a short and explicit message, the INSEE confirms that the percentage of memorization of an SMS is 60%!

Moreover, you can communicate important information to them very quickly. Indeed, multiple studies show that the opening time of an SMS is less than 4 minutes and that its reading rate of 97% is considerably higher than that of an e-mail!

In what situations should I use the SMS A2P?

Examples of A2P SMS messagesThe SMS A2P finds its application in the dissemination of various information which includes, among other:

  • Marketing and advertising messages,
  • Critical Alerts,
  • notifications,
  • Information about an order,
  • Booking confirmations,
  • Appointment reminders,
  • The transmission of loyalty offers
  • Single-use passwords (SMS OTP or two-factor strong authentication).

It can be used in all fields of activity (e-trader, professional of the medical sector, start-ups, SME-SMIs, independents, traders as franchisor or group national and international).

How does the automation of the A2P information system work?

Our webservice (or API) available for free on our platform allows the sending of SMS coupled with your website and your applications. Thanks to the simple and fast integration of the requests of this webservice, the sending of your SMS can be entirely automated from your information system.

Telecom Operator specialist of SMS A2P and the API of sending SMS for nearly 15 years, we have developed a technology and an expertise that guarantee:

  • A strong sending rate of 1 000 SMS per second,
  • Direct connections to operators,
  • Permanent monitoring with alerts and monitoring,
  • Backup connections to all countries.

Our technical department and our developers, based in France, are at your disposal to help you to set up our A2P SMS APIs and WebServices.

Integration of sending SMS A2P via API SMS A2P

Doctolib logo

We accompany him in his development of SMS A2P

smsmode© has been accompanying the Doctolib platform since 2013 which fully utilizes the A2P SMS features. This french startup No. 1 of the online appointment of doctors and dentists allows you to quickly find a specialist near you.

Once your appointment is taken online for free in a few clicks, their website or their application coupled with our solution sends you an SMS confirmation of reservation. But that's not all, Doctolib is also responsible for sending you an SMS reminder of appointments 24h before! A very useful solution when you know that sending SMS reduced by 4 missed or forgotten appointments.

Doctolib also uses this system to validate the registration of patients on their platform. It is with an SMS OTP (one Time Password) that the company validates the coordinates of their users. This makes it possible to have a valid and verified database in order to guarantee the good deliverability of the information. In addition, the SMS OTP makes it possible to secure client accounts and sensitive medical data.

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Our team advises you...

Are you interested in the implementation of A2P SMS? Our sales and technical teams are at your disposal to answer all your questions about our SMS solutions and to give you advice on setting up an SMS campaign.